Online teaching motion fails
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BREAKING: All Student Vote Term 1 – Warwick students vote against online teaching

The motion for supporting online teaching fails in landslide vote with record turnout in the Term 1 Warwick Students’ Union (SU) All Student Vote (ASV). 

Two out of five motions passed, with a landslide vote against Warwick SU supporting online teaching.

There were 4,344 votes against the motion ‘Warwick SU supports University and College Union (UCU)’s call for online teaching’. 1,481 votes were cast for the motion and there were 207 abstentions. 

In August, the Warwick branch of the UCU called for Warwick “to move the bulk of teaching online”. In September, the SU announced a campaign in support of non-essential in-person teaching to be moved online, without consultation of students. 

The ‘Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions motion (BDS)’ failed with 1665 votes for and 1917 votes against, with 831 absentions.

The ‘Remove Barclays from campus and invest in ethical banking’ motion was also overturned, with 2020 votes against, 1509 votes for and 651 abstentions.

The ‘Warwick University to fully divest from all unethical industries and release all investments’ motion passed with 1713 votes for to 1143 votes against, with an additional 522 abstentations.

The ‘SU affiliations 2020’ motion also passed with 1726 votes for, 547 against and 1129 abstentions. 

The number of votes cast were three times the number of votes in the Spring 2020 ASV. 21,405 votes were cast and there were 6,424 individual voters, breaking the record set in February. 

The full results can be found here.


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