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Songs that defined my university experience 

While the first year of university is unique for everyone, there are certain experiences that have been shared by every Warwick student – and of course, can be set to a banging soundtrack.


‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ Mariah Carey 

I distinctly remember playing this song at pre-drinks on December 1st, everyone singing it at the top of their voices. December and Christmas songs mean that you are so close to surviving your first term. For those that celebrate Christmas, this song means it is really time to get into the spirit and get excited for the festive season. Get ready for Christmas-themed socials, circles, and club nights. First term is difficult for a lot of students in many different ways. Moving away from home for the first time, being independent, feeling homesick, and the constant imposter syndrome are just a few struggles. However, its nearly time to take a well-deserved break and freshen up for term two. 


‘Not Nineteen Forever’ The Courteneers 

Not only will you hear this song every time you set foot into the Kasbah indie room, but a lot of people will be turning nineteen in their first year at uni. You’ll probably see it used as a birthday Instagram caption too many times as well. Your first birthday at uni can feel a bit strange, especially if you spend it without your family and home-friends for the first time. Yet, as I turned nineteen, this song made me want to get out there and do all the things I could, because, you know, you’re not nineteen forever. It is an indie banger and one that most people will be singing the words to, so a good one to have at your birthday pres. It feels a lot more bitter at your next birthday and you’re suddenly facing your 20s. 


‘Give Yourself A Try’ The 1975

Give Yourself A Try came out right in the middle of my first year exam season. At such as stressful time, the lyrics “just give yourself a try” resonated with me. I took them to mean that I should not be too hard on myself and to just give it my best as that is all I can do. Even if first year is worth less than the following years, first year exam season is completely new and can still be very stressful. I also love the early-2000s pop-punk vibe and aggressive guitar on this track; it instantly makes me feel good and allows me to take a step back from revision for a few minutes. 


‘Summer’ Calvin Harris 

Congratulations! You’ve handed in your essays, finished your exams, and completed your first year at university. What better song to kick off your first week of freedom than Summer? Even now, nothing gets me as excited for the summer season as this song does. Post-first year celebrations can be so much fun and definitely well-deserved. The simple lyrics of this song mean everyone will be singing them together and obviously, everyone will want to dance. Head to the Claycroft fields to sunbathe, buy your Kasbah Uni Express tickets, and your costume ready for week 10 Pop! because it’s time to celebrate. 



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