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The best student deals

There is no doubt about it, university is expensive. From the tuition fees to the cost of living, it seems that money seeps from our pockets in every way it can. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Students can also benefit from some financial perks, to help claw back every last penny. Because, as the saying goes, “if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves.”

Student deal accounts:

From discounts at technology companies, to help you purchase your much-needed laptop, to offers at clothing stores and restaurants, to let you have some luxuries without the huge price tags, student deal accounts such as UNiDAYS or Student Beans are the first apps you should download when moving to university (except perhaps your university app, which may be quite helpful too!) The deals change regularly with fluctuations in discounts throughout the year, but you can save on almost all major stores and internet sites. It’s always worth giving them a check before you make a purchase because the money you could save is better in your pocket than theirs.


For the music lovers and casual listeners, this is a tip for us all. As we move away from the era of CDs and Vinyl’s (although they are making a comeback!) to the time of streaming platforms, it’s best to know how to get your money’s worth. Music streaming sites can have expensive monthly subscriptions, but students can often benefit from huge discounts. Pretty much all the major platforms offer a form of student discount. Spotify offers 50% off, for example, and Apple Music matches that. There are definitely savings to be made. It’s a win-win – you won’t miss out on your favourite songs and you get to be savvy with your cash!


Exercising is so important for our physical and mental wellbeing – we mustn’t let it slip when we head to university. It can be a stressful time, so having a place to burn off some steam may be exactly what you need. Nonetheless, gym memberships aren’t cheap. Some places make you sign into a fixed contract for a set amount of months, or, if not, they hike up the monthly payments and slap a huge joining fee on. Luckily for us, most gyms offer student memberships and Freshers’ deals. They often reduce the monthly membership payments, offer a flexible contract period, and remove the joining fee for students at the start of a new term. So it’s worth making a decision quick if you know you’re going to use the gym throughout the year.


Personally, this has been a lifesaver, especially throughout uni. The 16-25 railcard allows you to access up to 1/3 off train tickets for any journey you might make. For the regular frequenters of the railways to those that hop on a train twice a year, a railcard is worth it. The amount you spend on the card can almost be made back in the saving on one long journey! For £30 a year, or £70 for three years, it makes travelling that little bit more accessible. So you can visit your friends at different universities, take a much-needed trip home, or even explore the surrounding areas. They claim that the annual average saving is £199, so it’s definitely worth the investment.

Being a student comes with its expenses, so don’t increase them unnecessarily. Be careful with your money, and spend a small amount of time searching for deals when making any purchase. There is a student saving to be had on almost all things you could want or need. After all, every saving, even the smallest, is worth it in the end.

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