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Student in Rootes accommodation tests positive for Covid-19, University of Warwick confirms

A student living in Rootes accommodation has tested positive for Covid-19, the University of Warwick has confirmed.

The University of Warwick told The Boar that their own Test and Trace service identified an individual living in Rootes accommodation who has tested positive for Covid-19. 

“The University’s own test and trace has tested positive a student in Rootes who has been moved to an en-suite room to isolate,” a spokesperson for the University confirmed. 

“The rest of that kitchen group (NB one floor of one block not the full block) are now required to isolate for 14 days. The isolation period will end before the teaching term begins.”

A spokesperson also confirmed that there was “an unauthorised gathering” outside Rootes accommodation on Sunday 13 September.

“Campus Security attended and dispersed an unauthorised gathering on Sunday 13th outside of Rootes accommodation,” a statement from the University said.  

They added: “All students currently on campus have since been reminded of their responsibilities as members of the Warwick community to follow all necessary social distancing measures and, where required, the need to continue to self-isolate – with a further communication sent to all Rootes residents.

“Wilful and repeated breaching University guidance will be viewed as an act of misconduct that could lead to disciplinary processes.”

Last week, the University’s test and trace service identified an individual who tested positive for Covid-19 and had used the Sports and Wellness Hub.

The facility was closed for deep cleaning on 11 September. 

The Test and Trace service has been in operation since 9 September. Students and staff can book an appointment for a self-swab test on campus and receive results the following day. 


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