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Over 60% of Warwick undergraduate courses advertised in Clearing this year

This Results Day, 140 undergraduate courses of the University of Warwick have spaces advertised through Clearing in the 2020/2021 admissions cycle, corresponding to 60.9% of the total courses offered at the University.

Overall, there are 17 departments with spaces listed in Clearing: Applied Linguistics, Chemistry, Classics, Education Studies, Engineering, English, Global Sustainable Development, History of Art, History, Liberal Arts, Life Sciences, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Physics, Sociology, Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) and Warwick Medical School.

This is one less than the number of departments advertising courses last year.

Four departments, Film and Television Studies, Politics and International Studies, Psychology and Theatre Studies were only listed as a joint honours degree with another subject. 

Departments at Warwick that do not have courses listed in Clearing include Mathematics, Statistics, Law and Computer Science.

The number of courses available through Clearing has fallen by 17 from 157 for the 2019/2020 cycle. 

The percentage of the number of courses available in Clearing also fell from 68.8% for the 2019/20 admissions to 60.9% for the 2020/21 admissions. 

This year, the University offered 230 undergraduate courses, an increase of two from 2018. 

This year, courses on Warwick’s Clearing page with requirements lowered to BBC include Classics, Chemistry, Education Studies, and courses in the Modern Languages department, among others. 

The percentage of the number of courses available in Clearing also fell from 68.8% for the 2019/20 admissions to 60.9% for the 2020/21 admissions

The highest entry requirement in Clearing this year was AAA for some Engineering courses with an integrated Master’s. 

This year, the entry requirements in Clearing for Physics were AAB, which is one grade lower than the AAA Clearing offer in 2019, a drop from the A*AA requirement in the main application cycle. 

The Clearing entry requirement for Engineering has increased by one grade since last year, and requires AAB, a drop from the main application cycle AAA entry requirement. 

The University commented that the drop in courses available in Clearing was due to having “even more applicants than last year”.

“By far the main determinant for what courses enter Clearing has been, as in all previous years, the number of applicants for a course and the number of applicants making their offer,” a spokesperson for the University said. 

The University told The Boar that before 7 September, any student that receives revisions to their grades that means they now achieve the entry requirements to their offer will automatically be accepted onto their course. 

Over 36% of results in England were moderated down by one grade. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, A-level results were based on teachers predictions rather than exam results. 

The government announced that appeals can be made if the awarded grade was lower than the grade received in a mock exam.

Please note that the information provided is accurate at the time at which this article was written.


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