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The most popular fashion trends of 2020 so far

While 2020 has been challenging and chaotic for us all, one aspect of our day-to-day lives that we’ve been able to maintain control over is the clothes that we choose to wear. For me, choosing a nice outfit to wear in the morning gives me a welcome sense of normality during lockdown despite all that has been going on. I purposefully chose not to wear the same dull, oversized clothes every day during lockdown in the hopes that a more ‘presentable’ outfit may present a distraction and even give me a confidence boost during the day, even if the outfit never left my house. A part of this was keeping up online trends and trying a few out for myself.

One inspiring outcome of being stuck inside for the majority of 2020 has been that many people have expressed their creative sides more, whether it be through banana bread or upcycling their wardrobes. One of my favourite online fashion trends this year has been the return of tie-dye. This is a pretty simple trend to get involved with as it only requires some cheap clothing dye and some clothes you don’t mind potentially ruining.

It’s a great way to make a simple top more interesting

I’ve also been loving acid-washed clothes, which follow the same concept apart from using bleach, so you remove colour, rather than adding it. I didn’t trust myself to improve any of my clothes, so I decided to buy some tie-dye clothes from Depop instead – a great option for all the DIY trends that you don’t feel inspired to try it yourself. A similar DIY trend is split-dye jeans which seems hard to master but worth it if you can pull it off.

Another of my favourite trends as of late is ruching, involving tops, dresses or skirts being designed to have an excess gathering of material along the seam. It has been a popular look since last year, especially on dresses. However, I think it’s a great way to make a simple top more interesting, particularly on a top with a boxy neckline or a cropped cardigan.

Ruby tops are a sort of ruched, backless top that’s perfect for the hot weather

Similarly, I have also been loving ruby tops. These are a simple, yet elegant take on the classic cami top – only with less material. Ruby tops are a sort of ruched, backless top that’s perfect for the hot weather we have been having lately. They are typically found in white, which gives them a ‘peasant blouse’ vibe which many people are enjoying at the moment. Their simplicity also makes them easy to pair with most trousers and skirts you may have in your wardrobe already.

Gingham styled in all different ways is another summer trend I’ve been loving. As a pattern, it screams spring and summer while not being too in-your-face. My personal favourite way to wear Gingham would be in a Bardot top – however, I also love a classic mini-skirt or cami-dress. Gingham provides the perfect opportunity to bring retro looks onto modern silhouettes.

The ultimate trend of 2020 is the trusty face mask

A more specific example of a trend that definitely stood out to me this year, and that deserved a mention, is Harry Styles’ JW Anderson cardigan that he wore for a performance on The Today Show. Soon after Harry wore the cardigan, many people took to TikTok to join in on trying to recreate the knitted statement piece so they wouldn’t have to shell out £1,250 for an authentic copy. The cardigan received so much love online that JW Anderson has now released a guide, including all the materials you will need, so that you can make one for yourself.

The ultimate trend of 2020 is the trusty face mask. There are endless possibilities for face coverings, and they don’t have to be bland if you don’t want them to be. We’re now supposed to wear them in most settings, which means there are many opportunities to spice up an outfit with a cute face mask. You only have to delve into sites like Etsy and Depop to find people creating unique patterns and styles. So, why not invest in one so you can feel good when you put yours on? With the number of options out there, there really is no reason not to wear one and the mask has undoubtedly become the most unexpected fashion accessory of this year.

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