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An ode to the student night out

Most pubs and bars are now open, but it could be a lot longer before clubs can do the same. When I think back to what a normal clubbing experience was like, social distancing seems almost impossible. With drunk customers and a cramped bar and dance floor, how can clubs re-open while following the current government guidelines?

Options for clubs re-opening under these rules may include utilising outdoor spaces for venues with the option to do this, table service for drinks, one-way systems, and live performers, but with no room for dancing.

Other countries such have Spain have re-opened some clubs, but with rules such as no dancing in place. As the chances of a proper night out seem unlikely for a while, I am beginning to reminisce about the nights out I had pre-lockdown and would have had in term three. While meeting up with my friends socially distanced in the back garden and getting drunk over Zoom are fun, I long for a normal night out with my friends at university. 

There are many things about clubbing that I do miss

I am not a massive fan of clubbing and normally prefer a drink in a pub or a cocktail at Turtle Bay. However, there are many things about clubbing that I do miss. Usually, I don’t spend a long time doing my makeup; I get up, put on a bit of mascara and I am done. When it comes to going out, getting ready is a much bigger deal. I could be at my mirror for hours applying nearly every cosmetic item I own. I miss this – not just for the fun of doing my makeup, which I find really relaxing, but also actually making myself look presentable which at the moment in lockdown is a rare occurrence.

I miss having pre-drinks. Whether it is at my house with just the friends I live with, with friends I have invited over, or it is being held somewhere else, I always find ‘pre’s’ the highlight of the night. In first year, I put together the cheesiest pre-drinks playlist and I miss drinking a bottle of wine while dancing to these songs around the kitchen with my friends, trying to keep an eye on the time so that we actually make it out to the club.

One of my favourite clubs has to be Kasbah in Coventry. With its themed nights and big dance floor, it is always a great night out. The best night I have ever had at Kasbah was the Abba-themed night that we went to in our first year. We all wore flared trousers, danced like no-one was watching and screamed all the lyrics to the songs.

The one thing I don’t miss about a night out is the hangover

I have only been to Smack once but really enjoyed it. I knew the lyrics to most of the songs, which I always find makes them more fun to dance to. I would really like to go with my housemates this year as it is our final year at Warwick and they have never been, but we will have to wait and see what the Leamington clubs are going to be like.

Although, as previously mentioned, I do love a night out at a bar or pub. I recently discovered House on Leamington high street. It has a lovely cocktail bar with a menu containing a long list of everyone’s favourite cocktails, and an amazing happy hour deal.  

One thing I really miss about a night out is the fast food on the way home. Chips never taste better than when you are drunk and tired but waking up in the morning after having eaten a large amount of chicken and chips only a few hours earlier is never a good feeling. The one thing I don’t miss about a night out is the hangover. In the morning I promise myself, I am never going to drink again because it is not worth this feeling, but then next time I do it all over again.

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