‘Utopia’: a short poem



A diamond city squats in the clouds

Free from hunger’s ceaseless howls,

The streets are gold, and all the crowds

Are free from sickness, pains or scowls.

The people smile from every house,

Which rise like castles from the gilded ground.

No deaths take place, to crush a louse

Will be greeted by a horde of frowns.

No animals can be seen or heard,

Not barking dogs or singings birds.

The people smile and thrive off pills

Sent down by those upon the hills

Of emerald green, the loving kings

With eyes that see all hearts and minds,

And tongues that filter all bad things

From all the dreams of humankind.

No one feels a lonely pang,

Or grieves for an unrequited love.

A foreign force is envy’s fang

All joy is gifted from above.

Wired are they to relish bliss

To spurn all thoughts that feel amiss.

Not one soul is denied good looks,

And nobody has ever read a book.

This perfect city sits in the sky,

A nation floating above a lie.

For far below the sapphire waves,

Are scattered all the children’s graves.


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