‘Love is in the air’: a short scene


Scene 1

A: Oh. Hello! It’s…good to see you. I wasn’t sure you’d make it.

B​: Did you think I’d stand you up?

A: Ha! No. No. Well, maybe. It was a possibility. I mean, you wouldn’t be the first. Might not even be the last. I don’t know, do I…

B: ​No, I suppose not.

A: So.

B: ​So?

A: What’s the – ah – how’s the weather going, for you? Down here it’s been…it’s been pretty hot. This Spring. Getting through three shirts a day, you know?

B​: Right.

A: Thought about going for a picnic yesterday. In the park.

B: ​Did you?

A: No. I mean, going by myself. In a park. With children – might give people the wrong idea?

B: ​I could have come.

A: I didn’t think that was your scene.

B: ​I love parks.

A: Yeah? Well. Maybe next time. If you like. We could go together. There’s a lovely spot, just underneath this big tree – half in and half out of the sun. The grass is so soft, you can just sit there and drift off.

B: ​Could you not-

A: Hmm?

B: ​Could you not use that expression “drift away?” It’s a bit-

A: Oh, God-

B: ​Don’t worry-

A: No, no, no-I’m sorry-

B: ​Honestly, it’s fine. I’m just being a bit…sorry. I’m still a bit…out of practice. As you can tell.

A: Yeah, yeah. Same.

B: ​So, what do you like to do for fun?

A: Oh, you know. Go out. Have some drinks. See friends. Go to the cinema. They’ve got a new one.

B: ​They have!?

A: Yeah. Yeah, a lot has changed since you left.

B: ​I can see that. I like what they’re doing to the place. Bringing a bit of…a bit of energy to the old place. Although – I’m not a fan of what they’ve done to Gino’s.

A: The pizza place?

B: ​Yes! It looks so weird now.

A: I know what you mean. There’s actually this other place I like to go to now. This new noodle restaurant, about ten minutes from where the Red Boar ​used to be.

B: ​Is it good?

A: I mean, it’s good enough. Not really my sort of thing. My brother took me there with his new girlfriend. Still, I was thinking, next week, if you’re free-we could go there?

B: ​Could do. If you don’t mind paying…I could try and make it up to you?

A:  Well. If you want to make it up to me…we could try-

B:  ​Yes?

A:  What I talked about, last time-

B:  ​We’re not doing that.

A:  Why not?

B:  ​There are rules-

A: I don’t care about…I just want to get closer to you. Don’t you want to get closer to me?

B: ​Yes.

A:  Don’t you want to…feel me? Be with me? In that way-

B:  ​Of course I do but-

A: There’s always a but.

A:  Well. If that’s off the table, if you still want to make it up to me…

B:  ​What?

A: Just don’t leave again, so soon. Stay with me. Why do you have to leave at all, Luce? Why can’t you just…just stay with me!?

B: You know I can’t.


B: Can’t. You don’t think I want to? You think I like these circumstances? Nathan – you don’t know how lucky you are – to be able to spend this time with me-

A: Am I now?

B: A lot of people would kill to be in your position. In our position. Trust me. I have to hear them. You’re one of the lucky ones.

A: Well, I don’t always feel it.

B: No?

A: Not always, no. It’s frustrating.

B: You’re telling me.

A: And, I’ve been-

B: What?

A: Talking to some people. Online. Who are in the same boat as us.

B: You what?

A: Look, I just wanted some advice, alright! Is that a crime? Anyway. I was talking to this one girl, and she’s done it. With her husband. The whole way. And the way she described it – I mean, obviously, they took all the safety measures, she walked me through that.

B: You’ve been giving this a lot of thought…

A: I just don’t think you’re…being totally fair to me. You need to keep an open mind. They do it – once a month, or so. And the way she describes it-it sounds incredible! It’s not even that hard. I just want to help us – make us more like a real couple. The way I always wanted before…before what happened. Don’t you want that?

B: Yes-but…

A: I just want you back. Don’t you want to come back?

B: YES! But you’re not listening.

A: Put yourself in my – other guys. They can…they can take photos, with their partners…share a moment….share a night together. And, I can’t talk to them – can I? I can’t tell them…about you. Me and you. For God’s sake Luce, I was there when they-

B: When they what!?

A: I was there when they said goodbye to you. Your family. Our friends. And there was me, thinking that I’d missed my chance-selfish, yeah, yeah – but that’s what I thought-and then this…it’s not the same, is it? It’ll never be the same. Never.

B: Oh, diddums. That must have been really hard for you. Boo hoo.

A: Don’t talk to me like that – In that tone-

B: I’m not using a tone. You’re using a tone.

A: I shouldn’t have said anything.

B: Damn right, you shouldn’t have said anything! I was having a good time – I wanted to see you, I mean, I thought you looked hot for fu- I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS! And, then you start bringing up my parents and this random girl on the internet – who the Hell is she anyway? How can you trust her? And ruining the whole…I already told you it’s not going to happen.

A: You thought I was hot?

B: That’s not the-! Look, maybe this was a mistake.

A: A mistake?

B: This whole – it’s different with my parents – but with you – there’s all this pressure. I should have listened to the others. They told me this was a bad idea. I should have just let you – let you let me go. Kept this a secret. Why did I-

A: Hang on-

B: This isn’t working-

A: Look, I’m sorry. I made it weird. I’m sorry. Look, I’m really sorry – let’s give this another go. We’ll go anywhere you like – anywhere you like! Please, I’m sorry – this, my fault. Totally my fault – yes, you’re gone but you’re not REALLY gone – of course I know that. Not really gone. Not to me. Look, I just need to get used to this. We can – we can make this work-

B: Nathan, I’m dead.

A: Yes, I know.

A: Are you still there?

A: Right. Hanging up. Classy.

A: Classy.

A: God, I’m an idiot.


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