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How to rejuvenate your childhood bedroom

For those of us that managed to get back home before lockdown began, it is very likely that the next time we’ll get to see our university rooms will be when we move out. As heartbreaking as that is, we also don’t know when we will be able to head back to sunny Warwickshire.  

So, while we all do our bit and stay at home, it’s easy to miss the things we’ve left behind and to feel as though we’ve outgrown our old bedrooms. I’m not implying that our walls are still hung with One Direction and JLS posters, but since we’re so used to having our own personal space, moving back can’t help but feel as if we’re entering a time capsule. 

Jazz up spaces on shelves with candles 

With all the anxiety of the global pandemic combined with exam and career worries, our rooms can start to get a bit messy. So, how can you take your bedroom from a lockdown hovel to a place that you wouldn’t mind showing off in the background of your next Zoom call? 

The cheapest, easiest way to make your space feel like a whole new room, is to have a huge reshuffle. I’m not ashamed to say that I have sketched out different layouts for my bedroom to find the ideal set up or even tried it out on The Sims. Whatever helps you visualise your space best is the right plan for you. 

My room is quite small, and my bed and wardrobe take up the most space, so planning for those tends to dictate where everything else in my room will go. Once everything is shuffled around, and you’re happy with your set up, it would be a great time to go through your draws, bookshelves and wardrobe to freshen everything up. Jazz up spaces on shelves with candles, your favourite mug, or even get crafty and start painting on pebbles which you can dot around the area to brighten things up.

Lighting can make all the difference 

Once you’ve had a shake-up of your layout, there are lots of other small ways you can make a difference. Right now, one of the best-loved decor trends is the gallery wall. Take a dive into Instagram or Pinterest, and you’ll see just what I mean. Photos of beautiful scenery, family photos and motivational quotes are all laid in a hodgepodge pattern, in perfect imperfection. I made my own version by mixing art prints with pictures from Pinterest and photos of my friends and family. 

When we’re all missing those close to us, now is a great time to add some colour to your walls and commemorate the good times. Apps like Free Prints and SnapFish are just a few that offer free photo prints, with just a few pounds for postage, meaning you can easily set up your own little montage of memories and quotes to keep you smiling. Experiment with the patterns and layouts that you use; there are some great tutorials online showing you how to create stars, hearts or even the Eiffel Tower. For an even more personal touch, ask friends and family to write you a letter, or their favourite memory with you, send it to you in the post, and stick them up along with some photos.

Lighting can make all the difference – taking your room from functional four walls to a cosy place to work, read and relax. Dig out the Christmas lights, and experiment with colour. Placing some string lights into an old glass vase can create a bright and exciting piece to sit on your bedside table. Websites like Amazon also sell net lights, which look fantastic hung against a feature wall, as well as making a funky selfie backdrop. Icicle Lights put into zig-zagged positions or hung around the perimeter of your room also look great and create a really unique look. 

All you need to do is what makes you happiest

Looking for something more low-key? Try out LED strip lighting to make you feel like you’re still in POP! on Wednesday nights with Disco Dave’s Livestream, or those colour changing lightbulbs which come with remote controls.

The last thing to consider when changing around your room is colours. It’s incredible how much you can change a room just based on a coherent colour theme. Look at which colours are most common in your space and refine to three from there. Then you can begin to switch things up. A new set of bedding can work wonders and can be picked up on Amazon for really affordable prices. Look around the house for blankets or spare pillows that can take your bed from just a place to sleep, to somewhere you’d be happy to sit and relax during the day too.

There are so many ways to make your space more ‘you’, and it can be a really great way to occupy your mind during an otherwise stressful time. Giving yourself your own place to be comfortable will make sleep, work, or any other activities, such as yoga or meditation, easier. There are endless options available to you, even during the lockdown, all you need to do is what makes you happiest. Youtube and Pinterest have great ideas that you can try out if this inspired you.


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