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Cartoon: Things to do at home

The recent measures being taken to stop the spread of coronavirus have triggered the realisation in many that staying at home for weeks on end with hardly anything to do is actually quite boring. In a desperate attempt to alleviate this, some internet dwellers have taken to suggesting activities that absolutely anyone can have a go at. Reading! Baking! Cleaning! The problem is, many of these ideas are so mind-numbingly obvious that it does makes you wonder what on earth some people used to get up to in their free time, before free time was forced upon them by the instruction of the government.  

It is important to keep yourself busy, however, or you run the risk of completely losing your grasp on the concept of time. I only ever know what day of the week it is through hearing my neighbours clapping for the NHS and deducing that, therefore, it must be a Thursday- before going out to join them, of course.


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