‘A Trapped Summer’: a short poem

a trapped summer
she felt her arms melt
like honey
as the sun kissed her ripened peach flesh
and she sighed,
imagining her breath
metamorphose into the small wisps
of white clouds outside
her cold window.
her rose coloured
hot fingers
pressed against the coldness
as she spotted people
laughing outside
her cage,
their voices tinkling inside her ears
and mind.
yet she observed they
were far apart from each other,
keeping a distant.
nostalgic of touch.
the sun had left constellations of
darker freckles on her creamy skin
and she frowned,
a crease forming in between her eyebrows:
she wanted to go outside
and see the world,
show off
like a bird in paradise,
spread her colourful, vibrant wings.
explore nature when it was
and mature.
yet she knew
it was dangerous,
she did not want to hurt
the people around her
and knew that no one
wanted to hurt
she realised that everyone else too,
even the people
outside brazenly in the full
golden rays of the sun,
were also trapped.
everyone was trapped due to their
love of humanity.
there was unity in their sacrifice
of touch
and closeness.
This poem is part of a brand new Creative Writing series within the Boar Arts section! If you want the opportunity to  feature in the new creative section of the Boar, you can submit pitches to arts@theboar.org. 

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