Image: Loic Verstrepen Sande
Image: Loic Verstrepen Sande

Warwick defeats Coventry at Fencing for the 30th consecutive time

This weekend, Varsity spectators seeking refuge from a stormy Saturday morning had the thrill of watching Warwick Fencing take up their swords to defend one of the most impressive unbeaten runs in Varsity history. In the entire 30 years history of the Varsity competition, Warwick fencing has never lost to Coventry. Coming off the back of an impressive win at the Lincoln Novice Cup earlier this month, the pressure was now on the mixed Warwick fencing team to continue both their historic record, and their good run of form. 

As the foil, the first of the three weapons, got under way, it became clear to the Warwick fencers that Coventry were not going to be pushed-over. At the half-way mark in the first round, Warwick were trailing Coventry 19-26. But in a round underscored by its technicality and suspense, Warwick was able to overturn the deficit thanks to some very strong performances, taking the round 45-38. 

Spectators were captivated by the quick aggressive nature of the Sabre

It was in the Sabre that Warwick was able to create some breathing space for themselves, with Warwick taking the round 45-31. Spectators were captivated by the quick aggressive nature of the Sabre, with the intensity only momentarily interrupted by the appearance of a volleyball from an adjoining court.

Going into the Epée, Warwick led by a comfortable overall margin of 21 points, needing only 24 more points to secure the match. Despite a spirited performance from a very talented Coventry team, Warwick were able to secure the final round 45-37, winning the match 135-106. 

Speaking to Men’s 1’s fencer, Adam Chaddock, afterwards, he said ‘We’re feeling very happy with the win, a good team performance’. Chaddock gave specific praise to two novices, Eriks and Damien, as well as Epée fencer Matthieu for their performances.

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