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Student in Claycroft has been tested for Covid-19 following travel in Italy

UPDATE (11/03/2019 11:15AM) The University of Warwick has confirmed to The Boar that the student has tested negative for Covid-19. 

A student in the University of Warwick’s Claycroft residences has been tested for Covid-19 “as a precaution” after travelling in Italy.

The University of Warwick said that it had been informed that the student, who is a Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) postgraduate, “has been in touch with NHS 111”.

Public Health England (PHE) will notify the University of the test result later this week and the student has been advised to self-isolate in the meantime.

Warwick said that it “has therefore moved that student to separate accommodation that it had already prepared for such a circumstance”.

Other students in the same Claycroft flat have been informed and advised to “keep following PHE advice” regarding the Coronavirus, such as hand washing, and have been told that if they feel at all unwell, they should call NHS 111 and follow their advice and then inform the University on its helpline.

“We will keep in close contact with all the students from that flat to ensure they get the support they need,” the University said.

“We will inform students and staff of the result of the test once known and any further subsequent Public Health England (PHE) advice and guidance, whilst also respecting statutory requirements about any individual’s personal data.”

The student’s academic department has also been informed, the University stated, and “staff and students there should continue to follow the same PHE advice as the rest of our campus community”.

The University of Warwick said: “We appreciate this is unsettling for staff, students and visitors.  I want to reassure you that the University continues to operate as normal and is prepared for the number of cases in the UK increasing and this impacting our community.

“The safety and wellbeing of our community is our highest priority. We are proudly international and inclusive, and we are committed to providing an environment in which all of our students, staff and visitors feel welcome, supported and safe.

“At this time of heightened concern, it remains important that we all continue to support one another and to protect and champion the Warwick community.”

Warwick added that it “will of course make the University community aware of any confirmed cases of the Covid 19 virus among our student and staff community”.

The University’s Covid-19 FAQ page for current students can be found here:

For prospective students, the University’s advice is detailed here:

The helpline number is 024 7652 3111.

Updates will follow.

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