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BREAKING: Summer assessments will not adversely affect final grade

The University of Warwick has announced that all intermediate and final year students “will not be adversely affected” by online assessments, as it reveals its “safety net policy”. 

Due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, the University will now ensure that students will not be negatively impacted by the year’s average grade. 

The University stated: “We will ensure that your final academic year average is the same as or higher than the average you have attained so far.

“Average marks for the year can still be raised by taking the summer assessments,” the webpage stated. 

Students that are taking courses with professional accreditation “may be subject to different arrangements” and they will be notified of these new arrangements “as soon as possible”.

There has also been an “automatic, 2 week extension for all coursework currently in progress”.

The newsletter also states: “All scheduled teaching has been cancelled unless it is essential for the learning outcomes to your degree.

“This means that revision sessions, dissertation supervision, academic support and personal tutoring will all go ahead but there will be no new delivery of content.”

This comes after Warwick students petitioned for a ‘non-detriment’ policy, following the University of Exeter and the University of Edinburgh’s implementation.

The full newsletter can be found here.


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