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Top tips for healthy relationships at university

Going to university creates a new dynamic for all types of relationships. Moving away from home inevitably means separation from those we love the most. We have to learn to navigate a new style of relationship, with the added distance involved. We need to find ways to keep the bond as strong as it was at home, but with a couple hundred miles added into the mix.

You may have moved to university and started a fabulous new life, or sometimes you may long for home, but either way, do not forget about those who raised you. Not just your family, but your friends too. These are the people who will have seen you grow and develop into the person you are today. They will have supported you and comforted you in moments of need and been the ones to laugh with you in moments of pure joy too. The relationships we have from home can be invaluable, as more likely than not, these are the people that know you more than anyone else. Do not take that for granted! Try and maintain a happy, healthy relationship with your loved ones. The key to success is communication and care. Keep in contact with your loved ones and remind them that you value them and the connection that you share.

Sending a little message once a week or so can really brighten someone else’s day

Despite all the evils surrounding social media and the technological advancements of the modern age, they are truly brilliant when it comes to nurturing long-distance relationships. My grandparents frequently tell me stories of their days of letter-writing when they were apart in their younger years. Although it seems incredibly romantic, they both remind me how lucky we are to have access to instant communication.

Messaging platforms and video-calling can help to create the illusion that the distance is not so great. Organising a regular FaceTime or Skype call with your loved ones helps to keep the frequent contact that you were both so used to when living at home.

Nevertheless, with hectic schedules, finding a time to have a video-call with your loved ones can be much easier said than done. However, that’s no excuse to not contact them. Sending a little message once a week or so can really brighten someone else’s day. Knowing that someone is thinking about you and that somebody cares can mean a lot, despite being such a simple thing. After all, you might be perfectly happy, but without asking, you would never know how your loved ones are doing. Checking in with them can help to reaffirm your appreciation of them and keep the relationship happy.

Although you may have made new friendships when moving to university, do not neglect your family and life-long friends

If your schedules (and budgets!) allow it, why not try to organise a trip to see those you care about? A small reunion can help to break up the time that you must spend apart. With lots to catch up on and stories of your new lives to exchange, there will be plenty to keep you occupied.

If you simply cannot find the time to visit your family and friends during term time, plan some events for when you are at home. Having dates scheduled can be a nice thing to look forward to. Either way, having pre-planned times to see each other in your diaries can ensure you keep putting effort into your relationships, allowing you to keep feeling involved and important in each other’s lives.

Relationships are incredibly important to our lives. Although you may have made new friendships when moving to university, do not neglect your family and life-long friends. Make sure you remember to check in with a quick call, a little message, or a small trip to visit them. It is important to show how much you still value you them, when the distance adds a little pressure to the relationships.

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