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The Boar’s gamer gift walkthrough

Apart from a standard obsession with Mario Kart and Animal Crossing, I do not know that much about games. However, for years I have been buying gifts for the gamers in my life and have received plenty of advice over what should and should not be bought. It is worth noting that this gamer gift advice might not be suitable for everyone. Whereas some might appreciate merchandise and memorabilia based on their favourite franchises, others might prefer actual video games themselves. Therefore, it is up to you to make this choice, as you know the person in your life better than anyone.



Games themselves are the most obvious gamer gift. Given the size of the video game industry, there are plenty of new releases to choose from. Think about the kinds of games that your gamer likes; might you consider something new like Death Stranding, or a continued series like Call of Duty? If you know they enjoy a specific series, helping them continue their playthrough of this might be a way to go. Though, it is vital you discern which console they most enjoy playing games on. I have made the mistake in the past of buying a friend FIFA for Xbox, then discovering that they actually have a PlayStation.



If there is a game that you know your game-lover would enjoy but it is not out for a while, do not be afraid of preordering as it is a great option! Some exciting games are coming out in 2020 that your special someone might be waiting. Whether this is The Last of Us Part II or Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a pre-order for a game can be something for the player in your life to look forward to and I am sure would be well-appreciated. 


In-game currencies

For the FIFA fans in your life, I have found that FIFA points are brilliant. Other in-game currencies are always greatly appreciated too for fans of different titles. However as a rule of thumb, I would suggest that you avoid purchasing generic GAME, PlayStation or Xbox vouchers as you should always aim for something more personal. 


Funko Pops

Another gift I have found is an easy go-to for a more personal for anyone who loves anything related to pop culture is Funko Pop Vinyl figurines. You can pretty much find these figures for any game, TV show, film, band or pop culture phenomenon. Amazon has a great variety, but HMV often has discounts and a wide range. You can even buy subscription packages to receive a personalised selection of Funko dolls every month through One of my personal favourite Funko Pop Vinyl’s is the new Baby Yoda and Bulbasaur Pop’s, but you can get them of basically any popular game. Fortnite, in particular, has an extremely wide range of dolls.



You can basically find merchandise and handmade objects relating to any game in existence on Etsy. If you know someone who loves Pokémon, this can be a great place to look as many sellers will hand-make plushes that do not yet have official versions. A potential area of gifts you could look at is the Christmas Pikachu range, including cards, baubles and lots of Christmas-related gifts.


Board games

Related to merchandise, if you are vying for something different and more practical for someone who loves games, why not get them a board game for Christmas? Cards Against Humanity is always fun and can be played with friends, and there are also game-specific boardgames such as Pokémon Monopoly.



A final idea as a cheap, simple and widely- appreciated gamer gift is a poster. You can find posters of most games on a wide variety of websites and in shops like GAME and HMV. This can be a simple gift but does require some consideration of their interests. It is also a great way to brighten up a student gamer’s university room.  


Whilst these ideas may not all be suitable for your situation, I hope I have given you some inspiration. It is important to remember that it does not matter how much you spend as it always means more that you have considered the interests of your Player 2. 


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