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General Election 2019: Coventry, Leamington and Kenilworth candidate interviews

In advance of this year’s General Election on 12 December, The Boar interviewed parliamentary candidates from Coventry, Leamington and Kenilworth.

Those running to be MP in Coventry South, North East and North West, Warwick and Leamington as well as Kenilworth and Southam were asked to answer five questions each, all of which were the same.

They were on the topics of Brexit, higher education, climate, local crime and healthcare. Candidates who answered the five questions in time were invited to a phone interview, which was limited to 10 minutes and spanned five questions on the aforementioned topics.

For Coventry North East, Nukey Proctor (Liberal Democrat) and Iddrisu Sufyan (Brexit Party) responded to our enquiries within the given time. For Coventry North West, Stephen Gray (Green) and Greg Judge (Liberal Democrat) did the same. All of their answers and interviews are available here.

For Coventry South, James Phillip Crocker (Brexit Party), Becky Finalyson (Green), Ed Manning (Independent Party), Stephen Richmond (Liberal Democrat) and Zarah Sultana (Labour) responded within the given time. All of their answers and interviews are available here.

For Warwick and Leamington, the candidates who replied were were Louis Adam (Liberal Democrat), Jonathan Chilvers (Green), Jack Rankin (Conservative) and Matt Western (Labour). All of their answers and interviews are available here.

For Kenilworth and Southam, the candidates were Richard Dickson (Liberal Democrat), Alison Firth (Green), James Phillip Crocker (Brexit Party), Antony Tucker (Labour) and Jeremy Wright (Conservative). All of their answers and interviews are available here.

Special thanks to George Campkin, Odysseas Digbassanis, Luke James, Nicole Karageorgi, Emily Kinder, Harry Kite, Ciara McCormack, Barnaby Papadopulos, Manu Petter, Nell Salvoni, Evianne Suen and Anushka Suharu for interviewing the candidates.


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