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Making the most of your weekends at Warwick

We are halfway through first term, deadlines are piling up, and the weeks feel longer than ever. Most of us long for the weekend as a time to catch up on reading (or sleep), but what is there to do at the weekends to relax and have some fun? Here are a few ways you can let off some steam and have fun with your friends at the weekend!


What is there to do on campus?

For those of you who live on campus, there is an abundance of activities waiting at your doorstep. If you enjoy sports, why not use one of the running or walking routes around campus? They start from routes as short as 3km. You can also join one of the university’s free running groups that meet on Saturdays (and other weekdays) for a sociable, stress-free jog.

The Sports Hub also hosts several free events known as ‘Rock-Up and Play’. These are sports games open to anyone, regardless of ability. They run throughout the week – just sign up online! The weekend’s activities include volleyball, basketball and badminton, and there are plenty of others to choose from.

For those of you who are not so athletically inclined, you could consider a movie night with your flat. The Warwick Student Cinema presents different films throughout term, with box office movies showing throughout the week. Big hits showing during the weekend include Rocketman (2019), Toy Story 4 (2019) and Joker (2019). Tickets cost just £4 as a member of the university (or £3 if you’re a member of their society), so why not have movie night with friends to relax after a day’s work?

During the day, why not make use of the large variety of cafés and eateries on campus? The Dirty Duck and Varsity are open all weekend. You can find a hearty meal at a reasonable price – I’d recommend the fajitas.

Curiositea is the perfect place for a cuppa with friends to check in after a long week. There’s the new Prêt A Manger on campus, with a few other cafés open too. Or, if you would rather save the pennies, why not have friends over for drinks and catch up? Perhaps host your own movie night at home.

If you’re a member of a sports team or society, you might find that you have commitments at the weekends for practice and meetings. See this a break from your work and a chance to meet new people and get together with friends. If you haven’t joined a society, why not? There’s nothing to lose and who knows, you might find a new hobby that you love.

In the evenings, you could always pop along to Juicy at the Terrace Bar. It’s free, they have fun hip-hop themed cocktails and you can have a dance to classic RnB songs. Or perhaps you could go play pool in the SU with your friends. Check the SU Events calendar for other fun activities occurring each weekend.

There are plenty of activities on campus for those here on the weekend, so get out and explore the possibilities.


What is there to do off-campus?

For those of you who don’t want to face trekking onto campus during your weekends, you might want to try some of the following.

Parkrun at Newbold Comyn occurs every Saturday. It is a free 5km run that you can do with your friends to exercise and let off some steam. All you have to do is register online.

If you live in Leam, Jephson Gardens is home to a lovely little café and there’s an opportunity to hire a pedalo and paddle along the River Leam. If you need a bit of retail therapy, the Parade and the Royal Priors are home to a whole host of shops – perhaps get a head-start on your Christmas shopping.

For a fun activity to do with friends, why not go bowling? Tenpin has centres in Coventry and Leamington that offer 50% for students. Now that it’s getting nearer to winter, you could make use of the ice rink in Coventry. Perhaps try an Escape Room for those of you who love a challenge. There are hundreds of cafés, restaurants and bars in Coventry and Leam, so it’s easy to go out with friends and have some well-deserved time off.

Don’t let your deadlines or your work get in the way of your social time – make space in your diary for seeing friends and try one of these activities. There’s something for everyone, even if it’s just a night in with friends and a movie.

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