Image: Boar Sport / Sam Matthews-Boehmer
Image: Boar Sport / Sam Matthews-Boehmer

BUCS Wednesday (October 30): Men’s Football

In a game that Warwick ultimately dominated, we came away with a resounding win against a Loughborough side that, on paper, looked like a force to be reckoned with. A well-structured team, with some sizeable backs, this did not phase Warwick as they constantly picked holes in the Loughborough defence and finished clinically when they reached the top end of the pitch. The start reflected what the game was later to become, with Warwick firmly in control, constantly driving to the line, something that eventually payed dividends at the end of a successful maul. This Warwick surge did cause some sort of reaction from Loughborough, as they sought to find some way back into the game, eventually winning a penalty, although this proved to be one of the few points that they won all game. This hint of Loughborough pressure jerked the Warwick team into action, as their strength in the tackle and dexterity in moving the ball around was too much for Loughborough to deal with, creating 2 tries, meaning the game went into the break with Warwick 19-6 up. This trend continued into the second half, as although there were numerous turnovers between the teams, with the ball possession relatively even, it was only Warwick who made this count. Any feeble Loughborough attempt at a comeback was constantly battered down, with Warwick scoring three more tries, eventually coming away with a thoroughly deserved victory, continuing their extremely encouraging start to the season.

Warwick 1sts: 42

Loughborough 3rds: 11

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