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Image: Boar Sport / Jana Sopf

BUCS Wednesday (October 30): Women’s Football

This week the Warwick women’s football seconds team took on Birmingham City University at Cryfield pitches on Wednesday, October 30th.  A resilient performance from the Warwick team, who braved the cold but sadly lost 5-0 to Birmingham City.

Kick-off was at promptly 14:00 at the Cryfield pitches. Even though Warwick held the majority of possession in the first half, Birmingham City managed to swoop in with two goals one right after the other in the 18th and 19th minutes. In the half-time huddle, the 2s captain commented that the team was “playing really well” thus far, even with an injured keeper. After a quick break, some words of encouragement and Haribo’s to share, the Warwick 2s continued fighting the battle. Birmingham City made several great runs by their striker which the Warwick 2s keeper Fela bravely cut out, making powerful saves and diving onto the ball multiple times. The second half featured three more goals for the Birmingham City team. The match dynamic remained fairly consistent after half-time, with most of the battling occurring down the wings. Overall, the Warwick women’s 2s played exceptionally well together with high levels of communication, even receiving praise from the referee on their “good discipline”. 

The 2s captain Lauren Worthey sums up the match: “Today we played against the top of the league and we put in a great battle. Everyone put in 100% and unfortunately, we came away with a loss, but we will come back fighting in our cup game at home next week! Congrats to the girls, particularly our man of the match Daisy!”

This was a big match for the Warwick Women’s Football Team, the most recent TeamWarwick winners of the #ReshapingSport award and altogether an admirable effort from the Warwick 2s, given that they faced Birmingham City with an injured keeper. It is worth mentioning that the 1s team ended 10-0 against Lincoln University! Well done to both teams for their valiant efforts!


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