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Pret replaces Costa at the Piazza among other new cafe openings

Pret a Manger will replace Costa Coffee in Rootes Building as the University of Warwick announces three new cafes coming to campus by the new academic year.

Costa closed on Wednesday 24 July when graduation ceremonies were taking place. The international sandwich shop chain “will open in the same location before the start of term one“.


Costa closing down last week. (Image: Gurpreet Dhaliwal / The Boar)

This month, a Caffè Nero will also be opening at the Sports and Wellness Hub.

In addition, a new cafe will be replacing Café Westwood, which closed on Friday 19 July. Existing seating areas and microwaves are still available for use.

“There will be some construction work taking place for a few weeks but we will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum,” the University said, adding that the new cafe will open before Term 1 starts.

“From week commencing 29 July there will be a catering truck selling hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and cakes. For hot food, the nearest café is University House Café, a five minute walk away.”

They explained: “The developments are part of the University’s plans to create a vibrant campus by providing a wide variety of food and drink outlets and have been informed by feedback from staff, students and the wider community.”

Warwick students’ reactions to Pret replacing Costa have been mixed.

Some students commented “There goes all my money” and “My poor bank balance”, while others said “It seems as though Warwick campus is gradually becoming Little London”, which is “Unsurprising news”.

One student entering his third year added: “It’s literally one overpriced brand replacing another overpriced brand – a Pret on campus is the most typical Warwick decision ever.”

“Pret is an interesting choice. I would be more impressed if it were Starbucks, but you can’t have it all,” another stated.

“I’m happy to see the University shake things up a bit, even if Pret is quite a luxury. As for Caffè Nero, it’s clearly not made for students but if I fancy a walk then I’d know where to go.”

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