Image: Wikimedia Commons / Clavecin
Image: Wikimedia Commons / Clavecin

Halep defeats Williams in 56 minutes in the Women’s Wimbledon Final

The Women’s Wimbledon final was historic in ways that could not be foreseen. Many had expected to see Serena Williams win her eighth Wimbledon singles title and earn her 24th Grand Slam singles title, which would have matched Margaret Court’s record. Others had expected to see Williams win her first tennis title since becoming a mother and to be the fourth mother to ever win a Grand Slam. However, none of this happened because Romania’s Simona Halep had another idea. The likes of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton witnessed Halep overcome Serena to win her first Wimbledon title.

In just 56 minutes, Halep defeated Williams in two sets of 6-2 6-2. Such a result could not have been predicted, as this is usually what Serena Williams does to others, not what is done to her. Williams was down 4 games within the first 11 minutes. Everybody was stunned. Simona Halep absorbed and returned almost every powerful shot that Williams threw at her. Her speed could not be matched and she would not let a ball past her. Without a doubt, Halep’s speed shocked and maybe even intimidated the mighty Serena, who became heavily frustrated. Simona Halep played the best tennis match of her life and she was rewarded for it.

Williams had the experience and the power, but Halep had her youth and athleticism

Williams has now failed to win three major finals in a row since her return from having a baby. This could be due to recovering from a knee injury and not playing as many matches this season. However, to say that nerves got to her would not be fair to the seven-time Wimbledon champion who has played under great pressure throughout her career. Simply put, Halep was just too good. Serena Williams had the experience and the power, but Halep had her youth and athleticism. Williams’ serve, her greatest asset, became ineffective in the face of Halep’s tremendous return game.

Nevertheless, the 37-year-old (the oldest Grand Slam finalist) still has a lot to give. During the mixed doubles when Serena was with Murray, she hit a winning return of 138mph serve against Martin and Atawo. She is a very experienced and powerful tennis player who still manages to surprise us. She is still discovering herself as a mother who plays competitive tennis. When she starts competing in more tournaments and reaching more finals, she will begin to win again. After all, if Federer is still going strong at age 37 and managing to play a five-hour final against Djokovic, then there is no reason for Serena to lay down her crown.

It might take some time but Serena is capable of winning more tournaments

When it comes to sport it is important to expect the unexpected and welcome the impossible. Halep lived out her mum’s dream by reaching the Wimbledon final and winning. Soon enough, Serena Williams will live out some more dreams of her own. Many did not believe Tiger Woods would ever return to golf and compete at the highest level after suffering from back and knee problems. Yet, he managed to win this year’s Masters and claim his fifth green jacket, fourteen years after winning his fourth one. It might take some time but Serena is capable of winning more tournaments and being an even greater tennis player than she is now.


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