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Construction and transport among top sectors for graduates, study finds

The best graduate jobs can be found within the sectors of transport and logistics, financial technology, construction, digital marketing and advertising as well as energy, according to Love Energy Savings.

The company analysed government data to identify the fastest-growing sectors to recommend to university graduates. Findings include one industry that may be able to offer 400,000 jobs by 2020.

For data analysts, the transport and logistics industry was highlighted as the “perfect” opportunity due to e-commerce and data management being central to efficiency and success within the sector, the report said.

IT and Mathematics graduates were encouraged to pursue related careers as some logistics businesses have expanded by 229% between 2012 and 2016.

The study also revealed that transport businesses in operation were particularly successful in Northwest England, overtaking the number of that in London by 24%.

For graduates looking to create their own start-ups, finance technology or “FinTech” was highlighted for their availability of resources as well as a projected growth of 88% between 2018 and 2021, according to London Stock Exchange.

Funding can be procured by taking part in tech start-up competitions such as Innovate UK, which is led by the government.

The construction sector, which makes up 12.4% of UK businesses, was suggested for graduates that had studied engineering, architecture or building work.

The UK’s renewable energy sector has been estimated to support 400,000 jobs by 2020, making more opportunities available for graduates

Consistent growth of 10% in the number of construction businesses between 2016 and 2018 – with output reaching an “unprecedented high” in November 2018 – has led to increasing opportunities in non-housing repairs and maintenance, Love Energy Savings analysed.

They added that those who have studied degrees such as Maths, English or Graphic Design should consider a career within digital advertising and marketing.

Having rapidly expanded in the last decade through social media, the sector will be offering more jobs in content marketing and paid advertising, the study said.

Filmmaking graduates are also reported to be rising in demand as marketing budgets see a 40% rise in spending on visual media in 2018.

Meanwhile, the UK’s renewable energy sector has been estimated by the study to support 400,000 jobs by 2020. This allegedly comes as the government plans for 15% of energy consumption to come from renewable resources, triggering a large investment into sustainable energy businesses.

Love Energy Savings CEO Phil Foster commented: “It’s never been more exciting to work in the energy sector. There are more renewable energy businesses than ever before, which is creating a highly competitive market and driving down the costs to businesses as a result.”

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