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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina review

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is an incredible TV show that is a must-see: it’s scary, funny and heartbreaking. The show was released a few days before Halloween and has definitely lived up to the hype. With a special episode being released on the 14th of December, you should start binge watching it now. With jump scares and an overarching freaky plot line, it is well written with phenomenal acting.

Essentially, it is about a teenage half-witch, half-human girl who has to start making decisions for the first time in her life. Having to choose her friends, what clubs to join and whether she should sell her soul to Satan (you know, the usual). The series follows her life and how she tackles every problem that is thrown her way, and when this starts to involve obstacles sent from the devil, life gets a little bit complicated.

For all those Riverdale fans out there, this series is based off the Archie Comics version of Sabrina and there have been rumours about a Riverdale and Sabrina crossover. There have already been references to the town so hopefully there will be an overlap which would be interesting to see and spark excitement in the Sabrina series.

Chilling Adventures has completely grown up with its audience…it discusses pressing and current issues that are also handled in a realistic and informative way

Although the show has a slow start to begin with, it gains speed and becomes more interesting with every episode. The characters are easily lovable, villains included, and you can’t help but empathise with them throughout. The series really manages to make you connect with the characters and feel involved in every aspect of their lives. The actors do an incredible job at conveying the right emotions and play their roles superbly, which making the audience feel as though they really are in the scene with them.

In regards to it being the reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the 2018 version is a lot more gripping. Although both of the TV shows are great in their own right, Chilling Adventures has more horror and drama and is less about witches on broomsticks and talking cats but is more about demons and spell-casting. If you love something that will keep you on your toes and make you jump then the 2018 version is for you.

Chilling Adventures has completely grown up with its audience, as it is no longer focused on cute boys and gender norms. Instead, it discusses pressing and current issues that are also handled in a realistic and informative way. For instance, one of the characters on the show struggles with their gender identity and is represented by an actor who identifies as non-binary. This shows maturity and progressiveness for what was previously just a simple teenage TV show.

Overall, it was a great idea to give Sabrina a reboot as the show itself is very different to the original. With a new purpose of being an actual thriller show, the reboot takes you to new heights of witchcraft that have never been seen before. It’s not just a series about a young girl; it’s about moral decisions, friendship and sacrifice. It’ll only get better in season two.

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