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Literary characters at the Sports Fair

No first week at Warwick is complete without a trip to the Sports Fair, the annual gathering of representatives from all 64 clubs, waiting to recruit its next batch of freshers. Sport is hugely important at Warwick, with many students choosing to take part over their university career.

Whether or not you know which sports club you want to join, whether you’re a champion or complete beginner, it isn’t difficult to find your place in Team Warwick. No matter who you are, or where you come from…

The March Sisters: Every Sporting Exec

Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women certainly sums up the diversity of a club’s exec at the Sports Fair. Meg – the eldest of the March girls – is club President. A natural leader thanks to her teaching experience, she’s taken it upon herself to set up a buddy scheme and organise the fresher’s social at The Terrace Bar. Younger sister, Beth, much prefers being behind the scenes. Her attention to detail means she’s perfect for being in charge of sign-ups, making sure all new members leave their names and email addresses in the spreadsheet she’s colour-coded.

She practically knows everyone in the club by name already

Jo on the other hand, is the voice heard halfway across the h all. Goodness knows how many times she’s shouted out her club’s name over the course of the day. Occasionally, she gains someone’s interest, but is mostly scurried past by anxious first years trying their best to avoid eye contact with the sportswoman waving a hockey stick or spinning a basketball in the middle of the walkway. And where’s Amy? Out of all the sisters, she’s the one who’s happy to put her sporting talents on show with a performance in Desso Hall. Dancing for Classical and Modern Dance, smashing a routine with the Warwick Devils, or nailing a tuck back with Warwick Trampoline, Amy has it covered.

Katniss Everdeen: The School Sporting Success Story

She’s stalked the club’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She practically knows everyone in the club by name already. Katniss Everdeen has her eyes set on one club only – and knows she’ll be one of the best. Of course, Archery is her sport of choice. She was a natural at school. She was always being put forward for competitions, breaking all county records in the process. She was practically a celebrity, everyone knowing her name. Now she’s at university and wants to make the same impression. “Where do I sign up?” she asks, without needing an introduction to the club. Even though she’s missing her family, she knows Warwick will become a second home to her. How could it not be when her favourite sport is involved?

He merely follows his housemate around, wondering where the exit is, and how long it will be before he can leave

Oliver Twist: The Reluctant Housemate

Dragged by the likes of Miss Everdeen (if such a relationship is even possible to imagine) Dickens’ famous orphan is the reluctant housemate. Having moved into halls mere days ago, Oliver is yet to find his circle of friends. In the meantime, he clings to the first people he’s met, namely his neighbours; even if that means spending the morning in a sweaty and crowded sports hall full of clubs he has no intention of joining. Oliver isn’t sporty. He hates walking, let alone running or anything equally strenuous. He considers himself well out of his depth. The words ‘right hook’ and ‘serve’ mean nothing to him. He merely follows his housemate around, wondering where the exit is, and how long it will be before he can leave.

Macbeth: The Indecisive One

“But this blow might be the be-all and end-all,” Shakespeare’s Macbeth tells himself.

Desperate to make a good impression in whichever clubs he chooses – and who knows, maybe rise in the ranks at some point too – it’s vitally important he makes the right decision. As soon as UCAS Track updates the morning of results’ day, the Thane of Cawdor is straight online looking at all the sports his new university has on offer. He’s read every page, assessing the pros and cons of joining each club before settling on a ‘Top Five’ list. Because he could “sleep no more”, he’s the first in the queue the morning of the Sports Fair. He spends over an hour looking round, chatting with every face who pushes a flyer towards him. And of course, he’s back later too, instantly regretting listening to his girlfriend who told him Fencing might be fun. But alas, his membership has been paid, and his decision is irreversible.

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