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Comment Editors’ Letters for a new academic year

As we start a new year, our Comment Editors offer some words of (questionable) wisdom and explain why you should get involved with The Boar.


‘Seize these opportunities’

Well, here we are: the start of the academic year. To those of you who are returning to campus, welcome back. To those who are joining us for the first time, congratulations. Your experience at Warwick is one that is bound to be eventful. From the pun-filled SU election campaigns to careers events full of WBS students, the lively landscape of societies and sports clubs to Disco Dave’s cringy tunes at POP!, life on Warwick’s campus is undoubtedly unique. But remember that no one university experience is the same, and it is important to have this in mind when beginning the year. From personal experience, I know how easy it is to start the year with premeditated expectations of what university is meant to be like: go out clubbing most nights, don’t turn up to 9am lectures (albeit very hungover if you do), and just about scrape a pass in first-year. Anything else is deemed ‘uncool’ or a waste of first-year.

The brilliant thing about being at Warwick is the plethora of opportunities available to all groups of students, regardless of who you are

Spend your first-year how you want to: if you’re the type to go out every night, go for it. If not, don’t feel pressured to be something you are not – don’t worry about people judging you. After all, this is your university experience; don’t let others dictate it. If you’re passionate about getting involved with a society or sports club, go for it. University is a new beginning; a time for self-development which won’t come around again. Interested in learning an instrument or language, or want to participate on local volunteering projects? Do it.  The brilliant thing about being at Warwick is the plethora of opportunities available to all groups of students, regardless of who you are. Seize these opportunities and make the most of your time here. I know that the start of university life is overwhelming for some, and that first push to get involved may feel daunting – but trust me, it’s worth it.

For me, freshers week feels like it was only a short time ago – but here I am starting my second year about to write essays which actually count. Ultimately, what matters is that you have fun, enjoy your first-year and embrace what you’re doing. If you need extra support or help, it’s available – don’t feel hesitant to ask for it. My best piece of advice? Write for The Boar. Oh, and good luck with your degree.

Zaki Nathani, Comment Co-Editor

‘Food for thought’

Welcome to Warwick, and more specifically to the Comment section of your student newspaper. The section is a vehicle for discussions and debates. It is where our writers look further than the cold hard facts of a story to give you something more. You’ll find groans and gripes on these pages, but also ideas and solutions. It is easy to dismiss someone else’s opinion, but a lot harder to explain why yours is better.

I am sometimes asked if there is any topic the section wouldn’t publish and article on, and the answer is no. If it has an impact on us as students then it has a place here. So whether you want to put the world to rights or bemoan the plastic straws in the Terrace Bar, please get in touch.

If they were never going to agree with you anyway, then you can at least rile them up a bit

Something else that often worries people about writing for Comment is the idea of being called out as wrong. But I wouldn’t worry about this; none of the topics we cover are objective. Some of my favourite Comment articles are those that I vigorously disagree with myself. You don’t have to be preaching indispensable truths; you just have to give people some food for thought. And if they were never going to agree with you anyway, then you can at least rile them up a bit. In all seriousness though, what makes the section so unique is the diversity of views we publish.

I have never been one for sweeping life guidance so will instead offer a few words of practical advice. Bring an old pound coin for the lockers at the Sports Centre. Build in an extra half hour if you have to take a bus anywhere. And if you have the guts to buy a sausage roll from Rootes Grocery Store, don’t be too surprised if you get a tape worm. Myself and Zaki would like to thank our predecessor Matt Allen for teaching us all we know, and all of our writers past, present and future for making the section what it is.  We hope you enjoy reading the section this year and that you will get in touch  to give us your opinion.

Alex Exact, Comment Co-Editor

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