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Drinking games to break the ice

Drinking games are an essential part of university life, and over your course of three years, you’ll learn the rules to a wide variety of games with only one essential component – to get drunk. As with most games, the rules change from place to place and the exact history of each individual game is unclear. Therefore, you can expect to have the rules of your favourite game altered depending on who you drink with. Below are the rules of the most popular and traditional drinking games, a perfect way of bonding with your new flatmates before a big night out!

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire requires a pack of cards, a cup and a good attention span. Players sit around in a circle and take turns picking up a card, with each numerical value having a different action. The main forfeit of the game, aside from taking a drink, is the King Cup. Some cards require people to pour some of their drink into the cup in the center of the circle. Anybody who breaks the rules or destroys the circle must drink the contents of the cup. Don’t be that person, because the contents of that cup are guaranteed to be a toxic mix of alcohol sure to get you very drunk for a nasty price!

Beer Pong 

This game requires a ball and cups. Cups are set up on opposite sides of a table and the players split into two teams. The aim of the game is to get your ball into a cup, the cup’s contents then have to be drunk by a player on the opposite team. The team that gets rid of their oppositions cups first wins. This game requires some skill but is sure to provide a lot of entertainment during the failed attempts of a simple task the more drunk people get.


This, as the name might suggest, is not for the faint-hearted. The rules of this game are very simple, players must drink a specified number of drinks within one hour. Often this is one sip of beer a minute, or if you’re extreme (and slightly stupid) one shot every minute. One thing is for sure, after this game, you may need a lie-down and a glass of water.

Entertainment drinking games

A fun classic is watching a TV show or film and drinking every time something happens. Rules for drinking games in this category can easily be found online and are very fun as you can watch something whilst getting steadily drunk. A good recommendation is playing ‘The Room’ drinking game. This is based on watching the cult film which is so terrible that by the end you’ll be buzzed enough for a great night.

Here at Warwick, we take our drinking games very seriously. One of the things that makes Warwick’s social life so unique is our infamous Circles – a social event dedicated to drinking games before going to POP! During your time here, you’ll play a wide variety of games, and make up some of your own!

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