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BREAKING NEWS: Bus fire on campus

This morning a National Express bus caught fire on campus. As a result the main road was shut and is still closed.

Fire services were called to the scene and the fire has now been extinguished.

Spectators have suggested that the fire was a result of an exploding tyre. The University released a statement on social media: “We’re aware of a bus fire on Gibbet Hill Road this morning. The Fire Service responded quickly and the blaze is out. Everyone is safe, but please avoid the immediate area whilst this is fully resolved.”

When contacted for comment, National Express told The Boar: “There was a fire on a National Express Coventry double decker bus this morning at Gibbet Hill interchange.

“All our passengers were safely taken off the bus. West Midlands Fire Service and West Midlands Ambulance Service came to the scene and we are very grateful for their help. We will be carrying out a full investigation into what happened.

National Express Coventry 11 and 12X bus services are being diverted at the moment. We apologise to our customers for the inconvenience caused by this incident.”

The fire services have also been contacted for further information.

Students have been tweeting videos of the bus burning this morning, in which the fire appears to originate from the bottom right tyre of the vehicle.

Traffic has been diverted away from Gibbet Hill Rd for the time being. National Express put up a service alert on their website, stating: “Service 11, in both directions, is diverted via Kirby Corner Road, A45 and Kenilworth Road. Gibbet Hill Road, between the University Bus Hub and Kenilworth Road will not be served.”

Alternative stopping places will be Kenilworth Road – Cryfield Grange Road bus stops and the University of Warwick Bus Hub. The 12X service in both direction is diverted via A45, Charter Avenue, and Kirby Corner Road.

Stagecoach has also tweeted: “Due to an incident on the University Campus we are unable to serve Gibbet Hill Road and are diverting via the A45 until further notice.”

The U1 and U2 bus services will still be going to campus, but from Kirby Corner Rd. Delays due to the diversion are expected.

We will update this story as we receive more information.

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