Jeffrey Lin/ Unsplash
Jeffrey Lin/ Unsplash

BUCS Wednesday: October 10

Warwick Women’s Lacrosse 2s had an incredible start to their BUCS tournament by beating UEA 1s 11-3 in their match this Wednesday afternoon.

The match started fairly evenly and slowly with only one goal being scored by Gemma Wedd at the end of the first quarter to Warwick. Soon after, there was a second goal scored; however, it was disallowed due to the player running into the crease. After a quick break and words of encouragement, Warwick 2s started to get into the swing of things and broke further away from UEA by scoring another 5 goals in the second quarter.

After halftime Warwick continued to distance themselves by scoring another 6 goals and only letting in 2 more. Defender Izy Gibson managed to sprint up to attack and scored an impressive goal in the third quarter. Although UAE became continuously more aggressive the closer it came towards the end of the match, Warwick stayed fairly clean with only a few fouls which gave UAE a small advantage.

By the final quarter, everyone was tired from playing in the extremely high heat but Warwick’s defence managed to not to let any more goals in. Other players that scored were Captain Willa Ferrabee with 3 goals, Rachel Bucklow with 3, Emily Edwards with 2 and Centre Ciara Buckley with 1. However, the player of the match was awarded to Goalie Beatrice Petrescu and was well deserved as she stopped an impressive amount of shots.

For the first match of the season, the 2s played exceptionally well together with high levels of communication ensuring that they would win the game.

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