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UCAS sends erroneous email to 4,000 students confirming their acceptance to the University of Newcastle

UCAS (The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) has apologised to thousands of students after sending an erroneous email confirming their acceptance to study at Newcastle University.

Sent to over 4,000 students who are yet to receive their A-Level results, the email, which was promoting Fusion Student Housing, stated: “You have been accepted at university and will be studying at Newcastle next year – congratulations!”

Students who are hoping to have their offer to study at the Newcastle University confirmed when A-Level results are released took to Twitter to express their disappointment that the email was a mistake. One user tweeted: “It’s such a cruel thing to do…getting our hopes up.” Another user called the experience “heart-wrenching.”

It’s such a cruel thing to do…getting our hopes up

— Disappointed recipient

Students who put Newcastle as their second-choice university also received the email, prompting panic that they had missed out on a spot at their preferred institution. Tom Winetroube, a 17-year-old from Bedfordshire who is awaiting his A-Level results, told The Times that he believed that he had missed his offer to study Journalism at the University of Leeds.

He stated: “This caused me to feel a bit disappointed because being told that I’d been accepted to my second choice insinuated to me that I hadn’t got into my first choice.

“I think UCAS has caused even more unnecessary distress for students who are already on edge waiting for results that could make or break their plans for the next academic year and beyond.

“I am even more nervous for results day than I was previously was a result of this UCAS error.”

I am even more nervous for results day than I was previously was a result of this UCAS error

— Tom Winetroube

Regarding the situation, a spokesperson for UCAS stated: “About 4,100 students awaiting their exam results received an email from Ucas which incorrectly said they had been accepted to study in Newcastle.

“The affected students had applied to Newcastle University or Northumbria University and have not yet had their place confirmed.

“Our mistake was quickly spotted, and a follow-up email to apologise was sent that afternoon.

“All students can log into Track to see the latest information on their application.”

This year A-Level results day will take place on Thursday 16 August. The UCAS Track service, which allows students to see whether they have gained a place in their first-choice university, will be live from 8am.

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