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70% of Warwick courses in Clearing this year

At the University of Warwick, 146 of the 209 undergraduate courses, corresponding to 69.9% of all courses offered, have spaces advertised through Clearing in the 2018/19 admissions cycle.

The courses where spaces are still available are spread across 19 departments: Applied Linguistics, Chemistry, Classics, English, Education, Engineering, Film and Television Studies, Global Sustainable Development, History, History of Art, Liberal Arts, Centre for Lifelong Learning, Life Sciences, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Sociology and Theatre.

More courses are accepting students through Clearing this year compared to the 2017/18 intake, when 134 courses from 17 departments took part in the process.

In the meantime, UCAS has seen a fall in university applicants this year by 11,000, and it has been reported that some Russell group universities still had up to 100 courses with empty spaces at the beginning of this week.

At the University of Warwick, three more departments are taking part in Clearing this year: the Centre for Lifelong Learning, Life Sciences and Physics. Last year, Physics was only available through Adjustment.

In response to the increase of Clearing subjects available this year, the University responded: “Almost every university in the UK will have more places available in clearing this year as the UK has entered the first year of a significant demographic dip in the number of 18 year olds.”

The BBC reported this morning that “in the year 2000, when the majority of this year’s cohort were born, there were 604,441 births in England and Wales – 74,665 fewer than last year’s figure of 679,106.”

Almost every university in the UK will have more places available in clearing this year as the UK has entered the first year of a significant demographic dip in the number of 18 year olds

– The University of Warwick

Entry requirements have been significantly lowered for some courses, with some dropping by more than one grade. The highest entry requirements are for Mathematics and Physics with A*AA including Mathematics and Physics or AAA including Mathematics, Further Mathematics or Physics, down from A*AA (including Further Mathematics, or A*A*A otherwise).

The lowest ones are for Education Studies, Sociology, Sociology and Quantitative Methods and Theatre and Performance studies, at BBB.

Of the subjects ranked in the top ten by the Complete University Guide 2019, Chemistry (7th), Classics (7th), Theatre and Performance Studies (7th), German (6th), History of Art (6th), Italian (6th), Linguistics (8th), Philosophy (9th) and Physics (7th) have places available through Clearing.

For Chemistry (MChem), the requirements dropped from AAA (or AAB with all-science subjects) to AAB including A-Level Chemistry.

For Physics, the requirements dropped from A*AA to AAB, including A in Mathematics, A in Physics and B in a third subject, or A in Mathematics and A in Further Mathematics, Chemistry or Computer Science and B in Physics.

History has also dropped from AAA to ABB, as have Engineering, Liberal Arts and Global Sustainable Development, among others.

Some courses maintained their original entry requirements, such as Classics, History of Art and Philosophy.

A list of all of the individual courses that went into Clearing this year and the entry requirements is available here.

You can find an account of the clearing process from a current Warwick student here.

Please note that the information provided is accurate at the time at which this article was written.

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