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The other side of Ibiza

Driving through the White Island is a delight. The breeze touches your skin as you speed up the pronounced curves among mountains and plateaus. Along the highway, the ocean’s deep blue is speckled with aquamarine spots. With the sound of the sea surrounding Ibiza, the seasons pass. The plants bloom and perish with them. The delicate scent of flowers returns with pink almond blossoms in the spring, and now, July is here with the scent of citrus trees among the meadows where cats and goats roam free. The island in the heat has an aura of hedonism, drugs and exclusivity: beautiful, but toxic, like the purple Oleanders spotted between the island’s green and yellow fields. Although La Isla Bonita is known as the party island, there is so much more to it than clubbing and pills. The island’s wild essence, which emerged with its location in the 60s as a haven for outcasts, hippies and eccentrics remain. The other side of the island left to explore and enjoy, in all of its essence and nature.


San Juan’s market: the most loved by longtime hippie islanders


What Ibiza really is, particularly among islanders, is a place for profound self-discovery and freedom. Parties are only one way in which to find it.  This happiness is discovered by many of us in the ocean sounds of pristine waters crashing against rocky cliffs. Virgin, rocky beaches alike the Moon Beach exist, as well as lovely hikes with sea-side views like the one in Siesta. The South also has some beautiful places to watch the sunset. A local’s favourite is Sunset Ashram – by no means unpopulated by visitors, but an ideal visit to enjoy gourmet food with the view of a recumbent sunset with transparent shores.


Another classical visit that encapsulates the hippie essence is a Sunday at Benirras. Tall trees surround the bay upon which this beach is located. There, as well, is a hippie market to enjoy and support the entrepreneur artists that travel the world to bring forth the inspiration and materials for display and purchase. The best markets are indeed elsewhere, however. That same Sunday, from morning to shortly past two in the afternoon, is San Juan’s market: the most loved by longtime hippie islanders. The most iconic, expensive and well known is Las Dalias. Here, la crème de la crème is displayed by local designers and merchants. These two latter places are particularly significant to understand the essence of Romantic Ibiza: San Juan and San Carlos were the cradles of the counterculture society at the beginning of the hippie years.


Partying has been and continues to be an essential part of Ibiza.


The free spirits of Ibiza, full of wilderness and splendour in outlandish outfits, sincerely believe in raising one’s vibrations. And what best to do so than sound healings? Gong Master can be found in Ibiza during the summer. Many events held with Jeremy Q or at Atzaróinclude guided meditations and singing bowls. These instruments are tuned to particular frequencies and made out of crystals, precious metals or gemstones – all of which are revered by the hippie Ibicencos. Aligning your chakras is also of extreme importance here. Yoga classes and retreats are ubiquitous, varying in price and size. Teachers trained in India and Bali do their New Age world tour to come back to the island and teach after learning with the very best instructors. Ria Dyaljot is one of the prominent yogis among locals for Kundalini, which means “Energy”. Just search on Facebook for these people and related events, and you will find a plethora of activities.


Partying has been and continues to be an essential part of Ibiza. Don’t think I am trying to demonise partying – it is crucial to let go! The original sound of Ibiza, which blends funk, acid and deep house can be found at multiple locations. One of these is Namaste, which is a classic location for islander families, with young and old people alike. The open air allows you to look at the starry sky, and enjoy the Phoenician-like market available. WooMoon is a twin party of this kind. More modern, glamorous and glorified, the team working to create it have brought forth local musicians, Shamans and artists of different disciplines to create an unforgettable experience with the latest trends from Tulum, Bali and Burning Man. The sounds displayed in Ibiza continue to influence the entire globe and are perhaps best understood at the essence of the Romantic core of these events.


I won’t discuss any of the sides of Ibiza you already know of. I meant for you to understand that if perhaps you are visiting the White Island anytime, and find yourself wanting a change of pace, there is one. There are adventures and lifestyles to be explored in this magical place I am lucky enough to know. Perhaps, if you are adventurous enough, you may find new worldviews, life-changing experience or at least, a new kind of fun. If you explore the island as a whole in a place that may welcome you as if it was, too, your own home.

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