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Summertime Films

Summer is a period of freedom. We have completed all of our exams and have months to do as we wish. What better way to spend these lazy summer months than to indulge in films where characters are similarly treating themselves to sunny adventures?

Stand by Me (1986) directed by Rob Reiner

Stand by Me is the tale of four boys who decide to visit the dead body of a stranger that was killed near their home. It sounds morbid, but it’s a heart-warming tale of friendship in the hazy summer days. The film is a classic coming of age film and incredibly nostalgic of summertime adventures with friends exploring and having fun – of course, without the dead body!

Adventureland (2009) directed by Gregg Motolla

The film is quirky and cute, perfectly exploring the idea of long days and even longer nights with many a funny mishap

What would summer be without having to work a dull job? This film is about an American boy working in a rundown theme park, except, a girl catches his eye and a summer whirlwind romance blossoms. The film is quirky and cute, perfectly exploring the idea of long days and even longer nights with many a funny mishap.

Lilo and Stitch (2002) directed by Chris Sanders

The animated ocean in Lilo and Stitch is tranquil and beautiful. The blue waters in which Lilo and her family surf are iconic and always conjure up images of beach days with friends.

High School Musical 2 (2007) directed by Kenny Ortega

the entire number is built around the celebration of being finished with education and free to enjoy your social life again

This is a cheesy choice, but a highly nostalgic, especially for us late nineties, early noughties kids. The film is centred on American high school characters’ summer break; the film opens with a celebration scene for the end of education. The viewer watches these all singing, all dancing teens able to enjoy their social life again after a long exam period. Throughout the summer, the characters all have their own adventures and ‘heartbreak’. It’s a brilliant guilty pleasure to watch in the long months ahead.

Jaws (1975) directed by Steven Spielberg

It is this iconic film that has taught us that the beach is not always the safest place to be. The titular character ‘Jaws’ hunts the beach, looking for unsuspecting summer lovers to chow down on. Whilst the action-horror may not conjure ideas of idyllic relaxation, the summertime setting and cautionary tale to pay attention to what’s in the water is a great thriller for the summer break.

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