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How to plan a group holiday

If your group chat is anything like mine, it is full of plans that very rarely come into fruition. Simple questions such as what time to meet can cause much debate. With part time jobs, family events and simply wanting a lie in, it’s no surprise that plans fall through. So, when a simple trip to Spoons seems impossible, how do we plan something as big as a group holiday?

  1. Understand that not everyone will come

As hard as it can be, tough decisions must be made. Part of adult life is realising that you don’t have to have one large friendship ‘group’, but rather natural friends that enjoy spending time with you as well as each other. It is unlikely that you will be able to plan a holiday with your course-mates and flatmates, for example, as these people would probably not naturally spend time together any way. There is no need to make your group bigger than necessary! It is also likely that not everyone in your group will be able to make the same date or will enjoy the same holiday: going with what the majority can do will be best.

  1. Start early

This is especially relevant if you have a large group of friends you wish to go on holiday with. Planning in advance allows people to book time off of work, save money and find the best deals. This is the most likely way everyone will be able to come as it allows for proper plans to be put in place and changes can be made if needed. Planning last minute means that any passport emergencies (I can’t be the only one who has realised at the last minute it’s is out of date) can be resolved and requirements can be catered for. Not only this, but booking in advance can also result in lower prices.

  1. Decide what type of trip you want

Deciding on a budget can be difficult but it is the first step to finding your perfect holiday. Some people will be in their overdraft whilst others will have saved money from part time jobs. Being honest about what you can afford will speed up the process and make it easier for everyone. Friends won’t mind if you can’t afford an expensive holiday – money left over is a bonus! Staying in a hostel in a traditional ‘student’ city (like Amsterdam, Barcelona or Prague) will suit those on a lower budget and satisfy those looking to balance nightlife and sightseeing. Others may be lucky enough to afford more and splash out on a more expensive holiday. In this case, package holidays eliminate a lot of stress: skiing festivals such as ‘Snowboxx’ combine nightlife and physical activity, providing a well-structured week. Some may prefer a warmer destination, and for this it is best to go to a company and book with them. The ‘ideal holiday’ will depend on that group’s budget and interests: a conversation (preferably in person) will help determine what this is as early as possible.

  1. Discuss what you will do there in advance

It is important to be clear about what you want from the holiday. Not everyone has to do the same thing every day: if you are in a big enough group, you can split into smaller parties and pursue different activities. But being clear on what you plan to do is important. Some may visit Amsterdam for the ‘Van Gogh Museum’, whilst the ‘Erotic Museum’ in the famous Red Light District may entice others more. You don’t have to make any rigid plans, but making the most of your days (and nights) on holiday can only be made possible through communication and a certain amount of preparation.

  1. Be prepared to compromise

As with all plans, the final event may be nothing like first planned. No one will have the same idea about what a perfect holiday is, so to keep everyone happy compromise will be essential. What to eat, where to go and how long will all be up for debate. Just try to remember why you chose to come with these people in the first place.

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