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Warwick SU by-elections for 2018/19 results

The Warwick Students’ Union (SU) hosted by-elections to elect a Women’s Officer, an Ethnic Minorities Officer, and an Environment and Ethics Officer for the 2018/19 academic year.

Women’s Officer
The position of Women’s Officer includes acting as a point of contact for all self-defining women students and being an active spokesperson on such issues, as well as a liaison between the NUS Women’s Campaign and the NUS Women’s on behalf of the University community.

Winner: Emma Coleman

Emma aims to address “gender equality across the disciplines”, experienced by those “of a minority gender in their respective subject”, through working with subject societies. She ran unopposed.

Ethnic Minorities Officer
Roles that the Ethnic Minorities Officer entails campaigning against racism, being an active delegate to the NUS Black Students’ Conference, and casting a vote at the SU Liberation and Diversity Exec and Student Council.

Winner: Maatin Adewunmi

There were four candidates running for this position. Amin Lmoh seeks to “make campus security more accountable through an improved and accessible complaints system”. Marta Musolino strives to “make sure the ethnic minority communities at Warwick are represented in the SU and in the university”. Fatima Patel states she “will tackle racism and discrimination at Warwick by challenging stereotypes through campaigns aimed at students and staff members”. Also running for the position is Maatin Adewunmi, who did not submit a manifesto.

Environment and Ethics Officer
The Environment and Ethics Officer is required to bring relevant environmental and ethical concerns before the Student Council with the support of the Development Exec, whilst lobbying the University to implement environmentally friendly policies which includes recycling on campus. This position also has four candidates.

Winner: Keir Lawson

There were four candidates running for this position. Sophie Kempston and Olivor Holman, who are running a joint campaign, aim to “increase dining options on campus for people with restricted diets”. Milly Last pledges to “promote menstrual cups as a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative”. Keir Lawson vows to “encourage continuing ethical scrutiny of Warwick’s SU outlets, so produce is guilt-free”. Thomas Peake hopes to “encourage on-campus coffee shops to offer discounts for customers with re-useable mugs/flasks as well as reducing single use plastics”.

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