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Warwick Filmmakers’ Showcase 2018

Warwick Filmmaker’s Showcase is back for the fourth year running after its previous success and is set to happen on 14th June in L3 (Science Concourse, Warwick University). For those of you that aren’t aware of such an event, it is essentially a screening whereby we get to see a selection of short films directed by Warwick’s budding student directors. Not only is it a fantastic opportunity to network with other likeminded individuals, it’s also a chance to see what kind of talent there is at Warwick University. Most exams will be over by then so there is no excuse but to come along and discover something new. You never know who you might end up brushing shoulders with. For all you know, it could be the next Christopher Nolan.

The films will be selected by a jury including ‘The Film Critic’, ‘The Film Buff’, ‘The Filmmaker’, ‘The Erudite’ and ‘The Warwick10’. Quite the range. This isn’t without intention though as it has been set up that way to ensure that each film is considered carefully and approached with a new and critical insight. The main thing the judges will be looking at when watching them is the level of creativity and efficiency in communicating the original vision. If you’ve always wanted to be one of the audience member’s for an interactive American talk show, the event is great preparation for that as it adopts much of the same style. If you’re still not convinced that it will be an entertaining event, there will be the addition of a live band and much more to look forward to.

a unique opportunity to acknowledge the filmmaking talent we have at Warwick

Event Organiser, Pablo Aguera Reneses, eagerly anticipates the event: “we are very excited that every media society on campus has come together to celebrate the creative talent of Warwick students. We want to provide a platform for Warwick students to express themselves through film. Join us in this celebration of student filmmaking!”. Programme Co-ordinator, Marianna Beltrami, is in charge of managing the submission process and the jury, selecting a diverse panel where different backgrounds and points of view are included. Her responsibility also extends to running the event alongside Pablo. She has this to say:“It’s a unique opportunity to acknowledge the filmmaking talent we have at Warwick, a platform for aspiring filmmakers as well as an event where people can enjoy themselves and support their fellow students. It’s also a unique opportunity to meet lots of people and establish good contacts should you want to embark upon your own filmmaking adventure!”. If that hasn’t convinced you yet, perhaps some information on how it can help you will be useful.

There is something great about getting a group of people together and giving them a camera and tripod and saying ‘make a film’

The showcase will take into consideration all sorts of films ranging from animation to documentary made with a variety of budgets. Some of the most interesting films out there have been made with basic equipment and low budgets so it really is a great chance to see how that’s done and wonder if you could accomplish something similar. If anything, the event should inspire you to take up something new whilst you’re part of the Warwick community. There is something great about getting a group of people together and giving them a camera and tripod and saying ‘make a film’. Not only will it look great on your CV to set you apart from everyone else, it will also teach you invaluable skills about time-keeping, organisation and teamwork. If you missed out on submitting your film this time round, perhaps start planning one for next time and give it a go.

Regardless of whether you’ve submitted something or not, it is set to be an amazing event with lots to offer. It should hopefully cater to everyone’s tastes and motivate you to buy or borrow a camera and direct your vision. Whether you’re a film student or not, the showcase allows you to understand more about film, the process of filmmaking and what Warwick can do to help you.

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