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American officials lack data on the quantity or the quality of medications coming across the border, but they believe an increasing number of people are heading south to buy. About 293 million crossings into Mexico were made last year, 15 million more than in 1998. Americans can legally transport medications for personal use with a prescription from a doctor in the United States. The drugs cannot be highly addictive narcotics or exceed 50 doses approved for use in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration, according to a revised pamphlet handed out by officials at border crossings. The.D.A.'s most recent survey, conducted in August, found that 46 percent of Americans returning with medication from Mexico were 51 or older and that they most commonly bought antibiotics, as well as drugs for diabetes, estrogen replacement, arthritis, impotence and pain. Survey workers interviewed 641 people at eight crossings. Officials say medications from Mexico are difficult to trace and may be manufactured improperly, stored incorrectly, mislabeled or contain an inaccurate amount of the active ingredient. The drugs are manufactured by Mexican pharmaceutical companies or American companies with plants in Mexico, or they come from as far away as India. 'When you buy these foreign drugs you could be getting anything from a counterfeit to a sugar pill said William. Hubbard, the senior associate commissioner for policy, planning and legislation for the.D.A. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, which represents 100 of the largest pharmaceutical companies, said in September that chemical analysis found some Mexican drugs to be fake. Inspections of the drugs Fludac (an antidepressant Omesol (an ulcer treatment) and Glipitrol XL (for Type 2 diabetes) discovered that they contained too much active ingredient or were impure. American law enforcement officials said the amount of counterfeits and substandard medications could be as high as 25 percent. 'There is a lot of money levitra mexico pharmacy to be made, and there are a lot of desperate people willing to buy the drugs said Vince Rice, a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration. Nancy Crofoot does not consider herself desperate, just frugal. She travels annually to Texas with her husband, levitra mexico pharmacy Jim, from Bay City, Mich., to enjoy the warm weather and to cross into Mexico to stock up on medicine and cigarettes. 'It's the reason everybody comes here Mrs. Crofoot said, motioning her arm across the landscape. Trash, mud and beggars line the cramped streets of Nuevo Laredo. A young Mexican girl carries straw dolls for sale, sharing space with well-dressed men in groups asking if people need medications. The men receive tips for taking tourists to the three or four farmacias on each block. Congressional staff levitra mexico pharmacy members recently visited crossings near Laredo, Tex., and San Diego to investigate how customs levitra mexico pharmacy and Food and Drug Administration officials were handling the increase in border traffic and what quality checks were used. They found that officers at border crossings were too busy to inspect every person. When prescription drugs were declared, officials followed a hodgepodge of federal and state laws. Sometimes they allowed 50 doses of a drug without a prescription and other times 90 doses. At some crossings, Mexican prescriptions were accepted; at others, only American prescriptions were allowed. One recent day, customs officials, who are expected to uphold about 400 laws for 40 different agencies, spent more than 45 minutes inspecting one person, referring to manuals and the Internet to determine if a drug was approved for use in the United States. 'The rules are so inconsistent, it's meaningless said Philip Anderson, the director of drug information service at the University of California-San Diego Medical Center. And customs officials agree that there are inconsistencies. 'To some extent, people have to take responsibility for themselves. 'But they probably don't have an appreciation of what the risk. I think the most the government can do is try to warn people and try to protect patients as much as possible from dangerous drugs.'. The agency has been performing a balancing act levitra mexico pharmacy as Congress tries to meet the public's demand for inexpensive medications and protect people from dangerous imports. Congress approved a law in December allowing pharmacists and wholesalers to import prescription drugs at lower costs for consumers. Immediately after the law was approved, Donna. Shalala, then the secretary of health and human services, said the program was severely flawed and refused to put it into effect. Shalala's action still stands, although several members of Congress have asked the new administration to reverse the decision. 'We're acutely aware of the fact that about one-third of the elderly in this country don't have access to reliable prescription drug coverage said Representative James. Greenwood, a Republican of Pennsylvania, who is on the House Commerce Committee. 'In this day and age, if you don't have access to prescription drugs, you don't have adequate health care. Some people are in desperate straits.'. In January 2000, a government committee found that the average prices for the top five drugs for the elderly were 83 percent higher in the United States than in Mexico. But those savings can be risky, pharmacists at American hospitals near the border said. Elizabeth Kaczmarek, the director of clinical pharmacy at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Laredo, said that once or twice a month a nauseated patient would come to the emergency room as a result of bad pills or medications more potent than their American counterparts.

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