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Warwick SU cancels regular Copper Rooms event Crash

The Warwick Students’ Union (SU) is ending Crash, its regular Copper Rooms event, due to a repeatedly low turn-out of students, it was revealed at last night’s event.

The Crash DJ broke the news before playing the final songs of the night, stating that the event, which has been running for 15 years, will no longer take place next academic year.

Fans of Crash have taken to social media to express their sadness and anger. One person wrote on Facebook: “I love crash. It’s my home. It’s my best memories of university. And it’s my best night out ever…nothing compares to Rocksoc, silliness, and beer.” Another commented: “I can’t be the only one wondering where the crash resistance is. Crash is such a part of my formative years of Warwick, I can’t let it go like this.”

It’s my best memories of university…nothing compares to Rocksoc, silliness, and beer

Klara Spencer, a second-year Film Studies student and the incoming President of Warwick’s Rock Society (Rocksoc), told The Boar: “The SU should be promoting musical diversity across all its events. Instead, they decide to damage the already limited rock scene local to Warwick. The removal of Crash has impacted greatly the unbridled passionate rock music community at Warwick.”

She added: “It is upsetting to know that freshers who want a way to socialise and are interested in this type of music will not get the same opportunities as students before. Crash was a way for many students to make friends, enjoy alternative music and have fun. Instead, a part of many people’s university experience has been taken away. It is not just Warwick Rocksoc that will be affected, it is all those across the University who found their feet at the University through Crash.”

Crash was a way for many students to make friends, enjoy alternative music and have fun

– Klara Spencer

Barnaby Merrill, a third-year History and Politics student and former Social Secretary of Rocksoc, commented: “Crash was my favourite night at the SU, and it gave a lot to me and a lot of other fans of alternative music. I respect that a decision had to be made on its future, but am gutted nonetheless.”

The final Crash event will take place on Saturday 23 June.

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  • Everyone with standards

    Good riddance. Not out of spite, but out of pity.

    It has been getting worse every year, both in music quality and attendance. Same goes for Rocksoc.
    There just isn’t a demand for it anymore.

    Better to let it die with pride than have a few desperate patrons make a pathetic attempt to save it.

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