SU Spring Elections 2018 results announced

The results of the SU’s 2018 Spring Elections were announced online at 8pm this evening.

The in-person election results in the Dirty Duck were cancelled following heavy snowfall which caused buildings to close early and transport between campus and nearby areas to be severely affected.

This election saw a lower turnout than recent years, with only 4,550 students casting a ballot, compared to 6,669 five years ago and 5,620 last academic year.

At 52%, there was a slightly higher male turnout, with 39% from the Science Faculty, 37% from Social Sciences and 22% from Arts respectively.

The departments with the largest turnouts were History, with 459 voters, followed by the Mathematics Institute at 394 and Warwick Business School at 360.

Five-a-side football saw the largest sports turnout with 174 voters, while 188 squash members took to the polls.

Of the SU societies, Warwick Volunteers had the largest voter turnout at 645 members, followed by 553 from PPE Society and 495 from Warwick Student Cinema.

Sabbatical Officers

President: Liam Jackson 

Liam Jackson, the current Education officer on the sabbatical team, was elected as the new President of the SU, succeeding Hope Worsdale, who was also Education officer the year before she ran. Liam ran against first-year History student James Butler.

His manifesto points include continuing to tackle the issue of study spaces by developing a study space finder tool and pushing for new facilities.

He also wants to lobby for subsidised transport and a better service, as well to work with the university to tackle “dodgy landlords”.

He promises to be a President “who stands up for students, continuing to fight for liberation, accessibility and a quality student experience for all.”

Education Officer & Deputy President: Larissa Kennedy

Larissa Kennedy has been elected as Education Officer for the next academic year. She is the first Afro-Caribbean woman to become a Sabbatical Officer

This academic year, she has been the President of the Warwick Anti-Racism Society and the Co-President of the Warwick Anti-Sexism Society (WASS).

Policies presented in her manifesto include the implementation of a Director of Student Experience and Progression for every department, fixing international students’ fees, and securing additional study space in the second library.

Postgraduate Officer: Ellie King

Ellie King, a History MA student, will be the new Postgraduate Officer in the next academic year. She beat current Postgraduate Officer Emily Dunford to the post, as well as the other two candidates, Awati Mohammed and Wanjiku Murage.

Ellie was the chair of the Warwick SU Student Council and a Development exec member during last academic year. Her priorities include lobbying for cheaper accommodation and having properties reserved for postgraduate students in Coventry and on campus, to avoid another housing crisis.

She also wants to introduce late-night street food, for cheaper snacks on campus after nights out, as well as expanding The Graduate, organising more events, getting more resources and having a better space for societies use.

Democracy and Development Officer (DDO): Ben Newsham

Ben has been the president of Politics society president this year, hosted a Radio Warwick (RAW) show, and previously passed a motion through All Student Meeting (ASM).

During the recent ASM, he passed a policy to establish a food bank point on the University campus.

Beating fellow candidate Ella Newton, Ben’s main policies include working on the SU app, improving bus services and making democracy more accessible. For example, he is hoping to provide better advertising of ASM information, and increase participation in the ASM.

Welfare & Campaigns Officer: Jemma Ansell

Jemma has been elected as Welfare and Campaigns officer for the next academic year, beating fellow candidate Amy Moores.

The new Welfare and Campaigns Officer has stated that she is “determined to create and sustain the most enjoyable university experience for every Warwick student”.

Jemma’s main policies include the creation of rest and relaxation zones (Cabin Fever), expanding and improving on mental health training for staff, and increasing transparency surrounding mental health issues.

Societies Officer: Leonardo Palma Carranza

Leo Palma was elected as the new Societies Officer for the next academic year, after running unopposed for the position.

Leo is a second-year Politics student. He is currently the social secretary for the Warwick Politics Society and a member of the Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) for Politics and International Studies.

One of his three policy points he pushed for in his manifesto was “a winning welcome week for all”. He aims to make it engaging and helpful for freshers, and wants to put together a “Discover Societies” quiz, to recommend possible societies for students to join based on their interests and hobbies.

He also wants to make a Warwick Online Calendar, so that societies can better plan events, as well as ensuring that big and small societies have equal publicity.

Sports Officer: Balraj Dhingra

Balraj Dhingra has been elected as Sports Officer for the next academic year, beating four other candidates in the most contested race of the election.

This academic year, he has been on the dodgeball 1st team and served as a level 2 dodgeball coach.

Some of the points in his manifesto include pushing sport further for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and creating better sporting opportunities for postgraduate students, staff, and disabled students.

Part-time Officers

Disabled Students’ Officer: Melissa Martin

Trans Officer: Alex Lythall

LGBTUA+ Officer: Josh Johnson

Undergraduate Arts Faculty Representative: Emma Worrall

Undergraduate Physics and Formal Sciences Representative: Adeel Baig

Undergraduate Social Sciences Faculty Representative (Reserved for non-WBS student):  Sam Polhill

Postgraduate Research Science Faculty Representative: Alex Baker

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