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Warwick departments take steps to minimise impact of strikes on students

Departments at the University of Warwick have begun circulating information on how they intend to minimise the impact of ongoing industrial action on students.


The Maths Department are emailing students with daily updates on while module lectures will be taking place and which will not.


The Economics Department have contacted students to say that they do not know which classes and lectures will be disrupted at this point, as “legally staff are not obliged to inform staff and students in advance if they plan to take industrial action.” Therefore students are advised to attend lectures and classes as normal unless they hear from the appropriate lecturer, tutor or office.

Economics also reiterated the words of the University’s pro-vice chancellor for education Professor Chris Hughes that they will be working hard “to ensure that your academic outcomes are not adversely affected by this planned industrial action.”

Students are also strongly advised not to turn off notifications for the MyWarwick app, as that is one of the main communication platforms the department will use to circulate urgent and important news.


The History Department has announced that deadlines for assessed essays falling within the strike action have been extended. For finalists, the deadline for long essays has been moved to Thursday of Week 1 of Summer Term at noon, the same as the dissertation deadline.

For second years, ‘early modern’ option long essays for 30 CAT modules have had their deadline moved to Thursday of Week 2 of Summer Term at noon, the same as for ‘modern’ option modules.

For 15 CAT modules, all essay deadlines currently set for the end of this term have been moved to noon on Thursday of Week 1 of Summer Term. However, this change does not apply for components such as blog posts and presentations.

For first years, the Director of First Year Studies has advised students to carry on preparing for all work and seminars. In the case of a tutor being on strike when students are due to give their Making of the Modern World presentation, students will be expected to submit their log and a written version of their presentation via Tabula instead.

The Department also recommends that all work should be submitted as early as possible in order to avoid a clustering of deadlines in Term 3.

No provisions have been put in place as of yet for visiting and postgraduate students, although the History Department is “monitoring all developments carefully and may make adjustments to assessment regulations once more detailed information becomes available.”

The changes to deadlines will be confirmed on Tabula in the next few days.

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science has advised students to proceed under the assumption that all activities will continue as planned, but to check emails regularly for updates.

The Department has also stated that it will do everything it can to “minimise and mitigate” the impact on “learning and progression” in order to put the well-being of students first “as always”.

Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies

The Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies has stated that students taking certain modules for which coursework was due in Week 10 and 11 will receive a 14-day extension.

In the email they sent informing students of this, they acknowledged that: “The last few weeks have been difficult, for all students whose teaching has been disrupted, and for staff who have been on strike. We are grateful for the understanding and support which the student body has shown to date, but we know that concerns are growing about the submission of assessed work which is due in the coming weeks. We are putting in place measures intended to help.”

The School of Modern Languages and Cultures

The School of Modern Languages and Cultures has postponed two Spanish exams which were scheduled to take place in Week 10.

In an email to students, Dr Kirsty Hooper, the Head of Hispanic Studies, stated: “I know that the current situation is frustrating – please know that your lecturers would much rather be teaching you, so do continue to contact us with any questions you may have. While our responses may be delayed, we will respond as soon as we are able.”

This article will be updated as more information is released.


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