Varsity Clockwatch – Day Three

22:00: Game Over. Warwick win! That’s all from us for Varsity this year, and Warwick have retained the title for the 28th year running. Maybe next year Coventry.

21:41: Diving save tips Coventry long range effort over bar.

21:38: Acrobatic clearance by Warwick off the line saves the keeper’s blushes after he misses punch to clear.

21:33: Warwick have shot tipped round post. Pressuring Cov defence as they search for a third to kill the game off.

21:31: Warwick left winger takes first touch to get away from defender but fires wide when well placed.

21:24: Animosity breaks out between the sides. Terry the Warwick mascot tries to diffuse situation, but to no avail.

21:12: Second half gets underway.

21:03: Halftime as Warwick go into the break with a comfortable 2-0 lead.

20:57: Warwick free kick fired just over from range.

20:47: Warwick shot from point blank range saved and cleared.

20:35: From the spot, Warwick double their advantage and fire home into the roof of the net. 2-0.


20:33: Warwick right winger darts through on goal, his first effort was saved but parried into the path of the attacker who makes no mess of things and buries it to open the scoring. 1-0 Warwick.

20:29: Coventry remain on front foot and their right winger rifles a shot at goal from inside the area but the keeper parries the effort away.

20:26: Coventry go one-on-one but their attempt is a tame one. 0-0.

20:16: Ready for kick-off.

19:57: I’m in position poised to start the final updates on Varsity bringing you coverage of men’s football.

19:50: And it’s all over! It finishes 2-0 to Warwick. Yet another brilliant display and now my Varsity watch has ended.

19:40: Warwick hit the post with a low effort across the face of the keeper. Deserved to be a goal.

19:36: Coventry almost nick one back. It’s looped in from out wide and the striker can only just manage to graze it with her head as it trickles past the post and out of play. Lucky Warwick.

19:28: Warwick have scored a second. The goalscorer cruyff turns on the edge of the box before toe-poking it into the bottom left corner. Beautiful stuff.

19:18: Its still down the right side where Warwick are getting all their joy. Coventry just can’t contain the Warwick winger.

19:07: Second half now and it’s Coventry with the first meaningful shot. It’s belted from about 20 metres out but does little to frighten the Warwick goalkeeper.

18:55: We’re being treated to some breakdancing for half-time entertainment. Football and breakdancing, not an immediate link to make, but it’s a fun watch. Alex Jennings should be a part of the group, that’d be a sight to behold.

18:52: A Warwick corner is almost scrambled in just before the close of the first half. Coventry survive.

18:46: Coventry string together a few passes. It’s skimmed into the striker who on the quick swivel fires wide.

18:38: The game has lulled a bit. Both sides struggling to get the passing going.

18:34: The ball was just kicked out towards me. Not wanting to commit the hand ball, I tried to shoulder it back into play a bit like Ronaldinho. It went nothing like Ronaldinho.

18:27: Goaalll! Warwick have scored. It’s down the right side again. It’s a nice through ball in and the player drills it past the keeper on the angle. 1-0.

18:22: It’s down the right wing where Warwick are really threatening. A sort of half-cross, half-shot is swung into the box. The keeper parries it away.

18:19: Coventry are holding it up at the corner flag for some reason. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re trying to time waste for the 0-0 draw. It wouldn’t be beneath them.

18:15: Warwick spray it out wide for it to be crossed in. Goes straight to the keeper though.

18:12: Coventry get a looping cross into the box. It goes over the strikers head – probably just like her course.

18:10: Warwick get their first real attack going. The ball is shot wide from 25 metres out.

18:06: To add to the technical difficulties, I’ve got Warwick’s mascot and the linesman blocking my view. Thankfully, not much has happened so far.

18:01: Right then I think we’re ready to go. Coventry to kick off.

17:57: Earlier I walked past the Coventry side as I was making my way to the ground. Don’t know where they were going, pre-match coffee perhaps, it is awfully cold. Anyway, they’re an athletic looking bunch – a rarity when it comes to Coventry sports I know – Warwick will have to be on their game.

17:54: Greg here again. This time I’ll be covering the women’s football. 4G signal isn’t great so you may have to bear with me at times, but here’s hoping we bag another win as Varsity comes ever closer to an end. What a shame.

16:00: And so, my Varsity ends to the women’s rugby team signing “women wanking are we”. After a short break, Greg will be taking over next. Ta ra!

15:57: Full time! Warwick just hold on to win

15:51: Coventry’s prop shows surprising pace to run through for a try under the posts. This is going to be a very tense finish. 25-22

15:44: Cov’s 22 races through for a try. She’s some player

15:41: We reply almost instantly after a strong run down the left wing. A great response

15:38: Converted try Coventry. 20-12 is the score. I’m reminded of a certain terrible hashtag #wevegotagameonourhandsisnotaverygoodhashtag

15:37: Warwick still giving a very good account of themselves, even though Cov’s no 22 makes Usain Bolt look like a slouch

15:28: This time the try is good! 20-5

15:25: Home fans wildly celebrate a try right under the posts but it’s disallowed for a knock on

15:23: A couple of injury stoppages breaking up the flow at the beginning of the second half

15:11: At the half time whistle the score remains 15-5. A more competitive fixture than most this weekend

14:58: The away side bundles over for their first score of the game. 15-5

14:55: Coventry fans are asking what they think of Warwick and concluding that it’s shit. Jack Wilshere yet to make an appearance at the scene.

14:53: Warwick get another try after aggressive running from several of the forward pack. Conversion wide of the mark

14:48: Warwick score again! A brilliant running angle from the outside centre broke through Coventry’s line of defence, and our winger converted the opportunity perfectly. Conversion missed, 10-0

14:45: Warwick have ripped the ball tremendously well so far

14:41: Coventry have enjoyed a fair amount of possession but are struggling to make any progress up the pitch

14:34: A great start for Warwick as sustained pressure sees an inevitable try, scored by Dobbins. Conversion was missed, so it’s 5-0

14:27: There’s a sea of Coventry supporters decked all in blue along the touchline. You can fault their ability to beat Warwick at several sports, but you can’t fault their commitment

14:23: There’s something very satisfying about watching elite level university athletes whilst eating a chicken burger and having most recently exercised in 2007. The rugby’s just minutes away

14:00: We are the champions, my friends. That’s right, for the 28th (twenty-eighth!) year running Varsity has been won by Warwick University. However, there’s plenty of action to run you through all day today, starting with the women’s rugby union at 2:30, as we look to rub a copious amount of salt into Coventry’s really rather gaping wounds

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