Varsity Clockwatch – Day One

22:36: That’s it from us. Day one of Varsity is over!

22:35: Game over and Coventry grab the win 74-60.

22:34: Warwick down by 17 with less than 2 mins on the clock.

22:31: 71-55. Shaq tries to rally his troops but time is running out.

22:28: Shaq Amon-Ra makes three consecutive free throws to reduce the deficit to 66-51. Is it too little too late with just 3 and a half minutes left though?

22:20: 6 and a half minutes left here as the game seems to be slipping away from Warwick. The deficit now stands at 15.

22:16: The player gets to his feet unaided, but leaves the field of play. Coventry up 62-46.

22:13: A stoppage in play here as a Coventry player goes up for a rebound and falls hard on to the surface, seemingly taking a hard knock to his head. First aid immediately on to help him. Hoping all is okay for the player.

22:04: We’re into the final quarter and Warwick have pulled it back to 60-46.

21:53: Warwick’s point guard tries to ramp things up for the visitors with a 3 and the foul call. 54-28.

21:47: Warwick fall further behind as Coventry hot half a century already. 50-23.

21:41: Second half about to get underway and I’m beginning to regret my decision to not use the toilets during the break in order to learn player names. Dedication to the cause, as always from the Boar.

21:32: Warwick make it to 20 points before the half. But they still trail 38-20. Much to do in the second half if they’re to make any sort of comeback yet. There is hope yet though.

21:30: Another curse broken, this time that of Andre Drummon, as Warwick make their first set of consecutive free throws.

21:29: Warwick and Coventry trade threes. The heat is being turned on, and Warwick are starting to keep pace. Swish. 36-17.

21:28: Seem to be having a Niko Mirotic – Bobby Portis situation here as a Coventry player denies his teammate’s offer of a high five after his assist for his basket. 33-14.

21:25: The curse has been lifted! Warwick make a 3 and then turn possession over immediately. 31-14.

21:22: My colleague has left me, and now I sit alone in the rafters amongst the Warwick faithful to bring you these updates. But, sit tight as I’m not going anywhere.

21:18: The wings seem to be the cul-de-sac where all attacks go to die for Warwick. No threes made yet. 31-10.

21:10: End of the first quarter. I’m having an orange to calm myself down from the excitement that is Varsity. It’s more Selhurst Park than Wembley, but it’s exciting nonetheless.

21:08: Warwick need to be setting more screens for their effervescent point guard.

21:07: Warwick enter double digits with a set of free throws. 22-10.

21:05: Curse of the written word, as a chant starts up again and Warwick bring it back with one free throw. 22-8.

21:04: Warwick’s cheerleaders try to raise the roof with some chants to energise the side. But to no avail as they immediately lose the ball. 22-7 to the hosts.

21:00: Warwick fans enter with takeaway food. Not sure I could stomach it with this game laced with such tension. Warwick down 18-5.

20:57: Coventry make a 2 and the one. They are without Ruth from the free throw line.

20:54: Finally Warwick make their first bucket, but the score remains 11-2. Chants of Defence roar out, but they’ll need much more than that to stop this rampant Coventry attack.

20:50: Coventry go 11-0 to start the quarter as Warwick fail to get any sort of grasp of proceedings.

20:46: Tip off – and Warwick take possession.

20:35: Hey Warwick lads and ladettes, it’s your boy Nick D here for the coverage of Warwick Men’s Basketball v Coventry Men’s.

20:23: Its all mayhem, it’s pandemonium. Warwick and their fans think they’ve got the win with a late buzzer-beater three. They haven’t. The ref calls a halt to the celebrations. It was after the clock. The disappointment etched on my colleague Nick’s face is simply heartbreaking to look at. It will be even more heartbreaking for the players. 52-50 is the final score.

20:18: One minute left and it’s just not ticking for Warwick right now. Two missed free throws means Coventry keep the gap. 52-48. A monumental effort is needed from Warwick now.

20:09: Not only are they putting their foot down, they’re putting their hands up. A Warwick shot is stifled by a big block. The Warwick player is sprawled across the floor, Coventry fans in her face. Momentum really is with the opposition.

20:06: Unfortunately, Coventry are really starting to put their foot down. Warwick, on the other hand, a forcing quite a few of their shots. 52-46

19:53: If I have been talking about Coventry fans too much it’s because Warwick haven’t had a lot to shout about. An airball attempt is met with a collective sigh if that means anything. 46-42

19:48: Coventry have gone ahead after a series of threes. Their fans our fully behind them, chanting ‘defence’ in unison. A lack of creativity indeed. 43-40

19:31: Half-time now and I feel the need to point out this one Coventry fan who seems intent on doing the same double bicep flex everytime Coventry score. A reflection, perhaps, of his own side’s lack of creativity.

19:26: The Warwick coach is telling his team to slow it down and not rush things. I don’t really understand why. Warwick are rolling right now. They take the lead again to make it 33-34 going into half-time.

19:15: Halfway through the second quarter and it’s an even affair. Coventry, to be fair to them, are very good on the break. Whenever Warwick score they seem to always muster a response. 28-27.

19:05: Warwick ends the quarter with the lead, after another sumptuous three. 17-18.

19:00: A Coventry player falls seeking the foul. It’s goes the other way for a travel (you’re going to have to put up with basketball speak). Warwick fans cheer for the overturned decision as the Coventry player lays injured on the floor.

18:55: Warwick turn on the style with a beautiful three-pointer. There’s not been too many of those so far, free thows seem to be the  number one recourse. Coventry still lead, however, 17-13.

18:47: Coventry fans must love basketball. With so many points scored by nature, they know they’re finally going to get a chance to celebrate at some point. Anyway, it’s 10-7 to the hosts.

18:43: Warwick get their first points of the game. Two coolly slotted free throws. 2-2.

18:30: The players are being announced and running in to the cheers of the crowd. It’s not quite NBA levels of flashiness, there are no fireworks, strobe lighting effects, or national anthems, but what does it matter? Let’s get the game underway.

18:25: Right it’s Greg here taking over from Alex. Up next there’s the women’s basketball. We’ve managed to find our seats after some initial ticketing confusion that left Alex very flustered, but I am as calm as ever and ready to update you on all the proceedings.

17:40: Warwick have won Varsity squash without dropping a single game! In unison the Coventry supporters behind me say “let’s go to Spoons!” Good call, my friends.

17:17: Liam Stafford, Boar Sport contributor, has won his tie at an aggregate of 33-9. We’ll take all the credit

17:14: Yes! That’s the match and across four different fixtures Warwick is yet to drop a game. Murphy beats Stefan 3-0, although Stefan has a nice earring so who’s the real winner here?

17:08: In the second fixture here Murphy of Warwick has taken a 2-0 lead against Stefan. It looks like Coventry were right to be pessimistic

16:49: Mistry has won his match 3-0. An emphatic start for Team Warwick.

16:45: Against Coventry’s Toby, Warwick’s Mistry has taken the first two games quite comfortably.

16:26: Both teams have hit balls at the wall for 25 minutes and are now ready to play. Game on!

16:13: In Varsity Squash there are five different players, and games across two courts.  Action should be aplenty

16:08: The Sports Centre (which does not have any wifi, making this process delightful) is now heaving with ultras from both universities

15:52: I’m in situ at Coventry Sport & Leisure Centre, a modern day labyrinth. I’m here to watch the Squash, and one of Coventry’s team reckons they’re “going to get annihilated.” A promising start

15:47: Varsity is here! The wait is over! It’s Alex here, and after going to the wrong sports hall, then getting lost in a children’s play area, I’m glad to finally be in place

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