Image: Disco Dave / Twitter
Image: Disco Dave / Twitter

Disco Dave: “I was nicknamed Ravey Davey in my younger years”

A defining feature of any Warwick SU night, have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of Warwick’s beloved DJ: Disco Dave? Who is the man behind the mullet? Does he even like S Club 7? We decided to interview the Warwick sensation to find out more about him and his (vast) experiences at POP.

Boar Features: How long have you been working at POP?

Disco Dave: This is my 4th year at POP!

It’s gone from strength to strength over the years and it’s all down to the awesome team and of course the incredible students of Warwick Uni.

BF: Can you tell us your real name?

DD: My real name is David D’isceax.

Image: Disco Dave / Twitter

Image: Disco Dave / Twitter

BF: What song do you most hate playing at POP?

DD: There are no songs that a hate playing at POP! Every song makes the event what it is and they are usually requested via our Twitter account by the hard-core followers of POP!

If you guys want it, I play it.

BF: What is your favourite song of all time?

DD: I have so many songs that mean a lot to me over the years. It would be impossible to name my favourite song.

Image: Disco Dave / Twitter

Image: Disco Dave / Twitter

BF: Funniest experience at Warwick?

DD: The funniest experiences at Warwick to date (and there’s been a few) is when I helped my friends of RAG out and entered the Gunge Tank a couple of years ago at POP! I got the full contents all over me, up to my waist in gunge and when I went to leave and opened the grunge tank door I lost my footing and went flying, taking the whole grunge tank down with me.

It was also incredibly fun to film the sports calendar with all the societies. We spent two full days getting the shots needed. There was plenty of hilarious moments in the process.

BF: Most committed fan?

DD: I’ve got some amazing fans. Some of which have actually set up a Twitter account just to use for POP! I’ve even had marriage proposals in recent months.

Image: Disco Dave / Twitter

Image: Disco Dave / Twitter

BF: What did you want to be when you were growing up?

DD: I wanted to be a popstar when I was younger. Both my parents were popstars, you may have heard of them, Dagenham Dave and The Disco Slaves? Massive in 1982.

I was nicknamed Ravey Davey in my younger years by the music press.

BF: What do you do when you’re not DJing?

DD: When I’m not DJing I tend to spend my time over at my love pad in Monaco.

I do spend quite some time ironing my mullet as well to be honest.

Clearly, the DJ stays true to form even when away from the Copper Rooms. Whether we’ll ever get to know the ‘real’ Dave is hard to know. For now, we’ll just continue to appreciate his unwavering enthusiasm for cheesy pop and ability to don a mullet like no one else.

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