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2018 will be full of Yellow Days

In November of the year just gone, George van den Broek made clear to DIY magazine we can expect a lot of new music out soon under his Yellow Days moniker. Having just released Is Everything Okay In Your World?, the debut album follow-up to 2016’s Harmless Melodies EP, he was already thinking about what comes next. That’s something that everyone should be excited about.

The tracks out so far showcase an uncategorisable blanket of leisurely ambience with blues-influenced lyrics hanging in the air above, sung by a powerful, raspy voice which makes it easy to think this is the product of an artist much older than 18. This impression that he’s an old soul is confirmed by the frankness he addresses heavy subject matters with. Over the haze of jazz synths, Yellow Days sings “lately I’m feeling like my soul just slipping away”, on a collaborative track with Rejjie Snow called ‘Lately I’.

He believes that genuine expression is important for wellbeing

Such a lyric sums up his attitudes about confronting personal truths. George believes that genuine expression is important for wellbeing, and has always been clear that pouring emotion into his atmospheric musings will be a running theme in the music he makes. This honesty should be welcomed as something special. It captivates attention, and also stands out in the landscape of modern music, all the more reason to believe he’s on the brink of popular acknowledgement.

Further signs suggest that Yellow Days has already been teased to a wider audience. He played melodies including the brilliant ‘Your Hand Holding Mine’, a single from his debut EP, for ‘BBC Introducing’ in June. The song is about the fog he was in after his first relationship ended. However, to play on such a show, and already be touring internationally, is only a starting point in his eyes. The ambition he shows in interviews is the hallmark of a musician who knows exactly where he’s going, and it’s forwards. There are bigger things to come. On top of all this, Yellow Days’ haircut should in itself be enough to capture headlines when he’s noticed by the mainstream, an attention his talent absolutely deserves.

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  • Nishat Uddin

    Ahh!! i saw him perform last year opening for Rejjie Snow! his new stuff is great.

  • It really is! I’m a bit jealous, would’ve loved to be there.

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