Image: Katie Sewell
Image: Katie Sewell

The Lifestyle Christmas Sandwich Showdown

As December hits and the festive season is well and truly in full swing, there’s only one thing on everyone’s minds- Christmas sandwiches.

The Boar Lifestyle has conducted extensive research into which Christmas sandwiches are the best on the market. We have scrupulously reviewed and taste-tested sandwiches from Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Café Nero and even Rootes Grocery Store. For each sandwich, we judged them on the following criteria: Flavour, Texture, Value for Money and Overall Festiveness. Here are our results:

The sausage was flavoursome, perhaps too flavoursome…

– Sarah Morland, News Editor

6th place: ‘Christmas Cracker’– Rootes Grocery Store, £3.45

One of the most expensive sandwiches that we tried, there was nothing cracking about the Ginster’s ‘Christmas Cracker.’ One of our taste-testers stated of the sandwich: ‘Though not a ‘bad’ sandwich, it is the worst of the bunch and the most expensive.’ The consensus suggests that the biggest problem with this sandwich is the extortionate price Rootes are charging for it. It’s hard to enjoy a poor-quality sandwich that you’ve also paid an arm and a leg for.

5th place: ‘Turkey and Trimmings Triple’– Tesco, £2.80

First of all, people were generally very impressed with the value for money of these sandwiches. For £2.80, you get THREE sandwiches, which is pretty awesome. However these sandwiches didn’t taste as great as some of the other sandwiches on the list. There was a distinct lack of ‘trimmings’, which left us all feeling a little bit robbed. On the back of the turkey being very dry, our Comment Editor Matt Allen stated that it tasted ‘like a disappointing Christmas.’ Indeed.

I do enjoy a firm and robust sausage…

– Katie Sewell, Lifestyle Editor

4th place: ‘Falafel with chestnuts and spiced slaw’– Café Nero, £3.45

In terms of opinions, this wrap was quite possibly the biggest cause of division since the EU referendum. Our tasters either absolutely loved this vegan delight, or couldn’t stand it. Our Arts Editor, Imogen Cooper, stated that she ‘had never felt less festive after eating a Christmas sandwich’ in her life. However, the wrap did score very highly for flavour and texture for those who really did like it. As a team, we’re at odds over this one, so give it a go yourselves.

3rd place: ‘Christmas Dinner’– The Bread Oven, £3.95

This sandwich was our most expensive on the list, however the size of it perhaps justifies the big price tag. Filled with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy, this one was certainly worth the mile-long queue in the Bread Oven. It’s £5 counterpart, the ‘Everything Please’ looked very interesting too, complete with chestnuts and buttered sprouts, so give that one a go as well if it tickles your fancy.

The grape is about as welcome as Trump at a Clinton Christmas party…

– Matt Allen, Comment Editor

2nd place: ‘Turkey and Pigs in Blankets’ Marks and Spencer, £3.00

As our Editor-in- Chief Clara put it, ‘you can’t go wrong with M&S, and yet again we were not disappointed.’ Tasty sausages, juicy turkey, this was truly a Christmas delight. Although consensus was generally good for this sandwich, it was not without its haters. The sage and onion flavoured bread did not go down very well with our Lifestyle Deputy Sophie, who stated that she would ‘not be kissing anyone under the mistletoe after this one.’

1st place: ‘Brie and Grape’– Marks and Spencer, £2.80

Rather surprisingly when I bought this sandwich, I did not ever imagine that this one would end up winning the whole contest. In terms of festivity, this sandwich scored ridiculously high consistently. Scoring an incredible average of 34/40, this sandwich was definitely a crowd-pleaser. For £2.80, the amount of filling you got was truly outstanding. Don’t let the fruit/cheese combination dissuade you from trying this sandwich. There were a few outcries about this one amongst the testers when it was revealed as winner, but overall everyone was in agreement that this sandwich truly did reign supreme.

Clearly based on this hard-hitting journalism, Marks and Spencer have absolutely wiped the floor with their Christmas sandwiches this year. Give some of these festive bad boys a go, and Merry Christmas everyone.

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