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All the music societies your heart desires: Offbeat, Hip Hop and Bass

Arguably, the three most popular music societies at Warwick: the ones that know how to party, DJ, and remix: Offbeat, Hip Hop Soc and Warwick Bass.


Offbeat is Warwick’s Indie and Alternative Music Appreciation Society. If you feel a moderate (but of course sensible) amount of elitism when you tell other people about the bands you like you’ll probably feel right at home with most of their members. We run a wide variety of socials and meetups throughout the term including visits to the pub, mixtape swaps, and volunteering to DJ at local club nights (including the ever popular student ran indie club Off The Record).

Image: Off The Record

If you’re a fan of any music outside of the mainstream, be it dreampop, shoegaze, disco, funk, or anything else, we will make you feel very welcome. We regularly work with BandSoc, RockSoc and other music societies so it’s a great way to meet new friends who share your musical passions. On Saturday 21st October we helped book Dead Pretties who are playing in the Zephyr Lounge in Leamington Spa from 7pm.
For more details regarding Offbeat search for ‘Offbeat Warwick’ on Facebook.



Warwick’s Hip Hop Society is back for the new academic year to deliver our old and new members entertainment. Our aim is to develop a place where people who have a genuine or newfound love for hip hop music and its culture can embrace and celebrate it. We understand that Warwick is a melting pot of people who come from so many different parts of the country, and the world, with a passion for hip hop music that isn’t catered for in the Copper Rooms. What Warwick’s Hip Hop Society wants is to accommodate those members as much as we can and learn from them. We’re always open to your suggestions on new events and activities that you want to be introduced. This is fulfilled through countless events and parties ranging from our fortnightly hub sessions (where we discuss important topics such as whether rappers have social responsibility, lyrical freedom and tackling issues of homophobia and sexism within the industry), the freshers house party, ‘Wild ‘n’ Out and many more events this term.

For the freshers we have representative roles coming out quite early into term 1 so definitely get involved with our events to increase the likelihood of becoming a part of the team. You can buy membership for our society on the SU website and follow us on social media @WarwickHipHop on Twitter and Warwick Hip Hop Soc on Facebook for updates and teasers of our events to come. To hear more about us in person our Executive team is mainly around campus sporting our hoodies so feel free to come and learn more about us. We look forward to having another exciting and chilled year as a society!



On first coming to Warwick there seems to be little hope in finding underground and alternative nights out. You will have heard all about the main club nights: Pop, Neon, Smack and Kasbah, and will have little belief that there are other genres to be found at Warwick. However, Warwick Bass offers something different. Whether you are a fresher or have experienced Warwick night life before and fancy a change, we are a society who focus on underground music, including drum & bass, dubstep, garage, house and jungle; anything that has bass and good beats.

Image: Warwick Bass

You can find us every Wednesday from 2-4pm in the Copper Rooms for free DJ lessons, where you will have access to CDJs, controllers and DJing software. Whether you are a beginner, want to improve your DJing skills, or just want to hear some good music, all you need to do is bring your USB stick and members of the Bass exec will guide you along the way. You can also catch us when you exit the Campus bubble and venture into Leamington at underground venues such as the Zephyr Lounge and The Assembly, and can even join us for trips to Birmingham and London. Being involved with the society is a great opportunity to play, promote and organise these events. It also provides you with exclusive discounts, a space where you can make friends, share beats and enjoy exclusive socials such as Warwick Bass house parties. Additionally, every term we run ‘Bassment’ at Leamington’s favourite bar, Kelsey’s, a night open to DJs of any experience, where both new and old members of Bass Society can perform their own sets in front of a crowd.

So if you already DJ, want to learn or have a love for music, you can get involved with the society by coming along to DJ lessons, finding us at the Freshers fair or contacting us on our Warwick Bass Facebook page.



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