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“You would be the first one I’d shoot”: Coventry police caught in racism scandal

A Coventry City College student’s video of police racism has gone viral, after the footage of West Midlands pollice officers during a home intrusion was shared on Facebook on September 12.

The video, published by 24-year-old Jack Chambers, shows the mixed-race student confronting the police over their presence and accusing them of breaking into the house and behaving like burglars.

When told they had allegedly shouted “Police!” during entry and were looking for a wanted man, Chambers commented: “Police? That’s even worse. I’ve been seeing all kinds of videos, I have.”

In response to this, one of the officers, apparently unaware he was being recorded, asked: “You’re not going to go all Black Lives Matter on us are you?” This was met by an indignant “Yeah!” from Mr. Chambers, and a smattering of laughter by his fellow policemen.

You would be the first one I’d shoot if I had a gun, definitely.

Immediately after, the recording shows the same officer adding, apparently without provocation, “You would be the first one I’d shoot if I had a gun, definitely.” This was answered by more laughter from the other policemen and expletives by Chambers.

While the incident was filmed on August 24, it has since received several hundred thousand views on various Facebook pages. Chambers has stated that he is going to pursue legal action.

West Midlands police have responded that they have opened an investigation into the matter through their Professional Standards Department. They have offered an apology to Chambers, but it has been refused.

He added: “I was horrified that the people who are paid to protect make a joke about a movement which is for black people who have been killed.”

“I would like a senior police officer to apologise for the action on national news.”

The Black Lives Matter movement is continuing to build traction in the UK, especially since the deaths of Edson da Costa and Rashan Charles in police custody in East London this summer.

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