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Where can you get the best coffee on campus? What about the best late-night snack? Azzurra Moores unveils the hidden (and not so hidden) gems of Warwick campus.


Best place to eat
Not to bash our beloved campus, but we’re not blessed with the greatest variety of food outlets. While there plenty of places to grab a sandwich (shout out to The Bread Oven), we are slightly more restricted if we need to sit down for a proper meal. Sometimes frozen pizza or oven chips just don’t cut it. If you feel like just walking to find somewhere, The Phantom Coach, a pub located a little further than Tescos is a great option for cheap but tasty food. Yet the real winner for food on campus has to go to the monthly Food Market. It can be slightly pricey but everything is delicious.

Best place to nap
Freshers, I envy you for this. The ability to nap between lectures was arguably the best thing about fist year. With most second and third year students living a bus ride away from Campus, napping isn’t so easy. The Oculus building has an array of secluded seating that could serve as potential napping spots, or you could always head to the Learning Grid and try to claim the sofa-esque seats that face the window.

Best place to get coffee
While grabbing a Costa might seem like the simple option, I am a firm believer in supporting our Student Union. Money made by the SU gets distributed back into the Union itself, meaning the more you spend on it the better our campus will be. Any of the Union cafes around campus sell great coffee, and Curiositea is by far the winner as a cosy place to spend time—plus the cakes are to die for.

Best place to escape campus
Since Campus is located in the Midlands, we are fortunate enough to have pretty great access to some beautiful cities. If you don’t want to go too far, Jephson Gardens in Leamington Spa is a good place to get away, with stunning views, a glasshouse full of exotic plants, and a cute cafe. There are also plenty of places to grab lunch or study in the town centre, such as the popular Coffee Architects or the more familiar Bill’s. If you’re seeking somewhere bigger, Birmingham is only thirty minutes away on the train. The shopping most certainly won’t disappoint, and there are always interesting events going on. If literature is you thing, there is also Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace, which is only a short ride or train journey away. You can visit his home or even watch a play at the RSC.

Best place to grab a late-night snack
I can’t count the amount of times my flat and I have been pulling all-nighters and needed food to keep us going. Despite Tescos being 24 hours, sometimes you don’t feel up to the walk. The Chip Van located on the Piazza is perfect for reliving any late-night cravings. Be warned though, it only opens when the SU has events on. Domino’s 24 hour delivery is the real life saver. There are always ongoing student deals, so order with a group to cut the costs.

Best place to study
When it comes down to where to study, it entirely depends on your preference. The Library is an obvious choice, with different floors lending to different noise requirement. Personally, I am partial to The Learning Grid, located next to Costa. The Learning grid is a much more relaxed environment where you are free to talk with friends while getting work done. During exam time, when everywhere on campus is packed, a hidden gem is the top floor of the Arts Centre. Although there are no desks, you won’t be fighting people for a seat and can spread out your work with more comfort.

Best place for scenic views
If you are feeling slightly overwhelmed with everything, or simply bored of the central campus aesthetic, Tocil woods is the perfect palce to go for a scenic walk or jog and forget the day’s woes. A famous English Nature Reserve, Tocil Woods abounds with sprig flowers and oak woodland. It is the perfect setting for a picnic—and, more importantly, for some great insta shots.

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