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Overcoming Travel Anxieties

You might have a series of expeditions lined up, or maybe the most adventurous you’re planning on being is trying out a new restaurant in town. Wherever you are and wherever you may be going, if you’re unsure about any part of the journey, read on to find out how to take care of some of those travel anxieties.


Let’s face it: most of us probably wouldn’t decline luxury hotels and first class flights. In reality however, student budgets don’t generally stretch quite that far. But this shouldn’t stop you from seeing new places and making the most of your time at university. Some of my friends have skipped off to a new country every time term ended, and I’ve always wondered how they could afford it. The answer? Student deals.

Make the most of your student status — always ask whether any student discounts are on offer…

Do some research to find package trips or special offers; some destinations might be cheaper to visit at off-peak times. Never compromise on safety, but think about certain luxuries you might be willing to skip. Perhaps choose a youth hostel or Airbnb place instead of a hotel, or go for public transport instead of taking a taxi. Also, make the most of your student status — always ask whether any student discounts are on offer. If you can’t find any good deals, make the most of what you have. Explore nearby locations like Stratford-upon-Avon or Warwick, and look into societies that organise trips and tours.

 Staying safe

Once you’re on the trip of your lifetime, a few other concerns might pop up. People are quick to wish you safe travels, but how do you go about achieving this? The places we want to see aren’t always within our comfort zones, so the best thing to do is to be prepared. Do some research: read travel guides and talk to friends and family who are from your destination, or have been there before.

If you’d rather explore alone, take the necessary precautions…

Travel in a group if that makes you feel more comfortable; find friends to join you, or research online for organised group trips. If you’d rather explore alone, take the necessary precautions. Let your friends and family know where you’re headed, make sure you know the most important contact numbers (e.g. the local emergency services), and read up on what to avoid, whether that’s particular locations, certain Airbnb places, etc. Remember to bring a portable charger, just in case!

Staying healthy

Before you leave, make sure to read up on the place and get any necessary vaccinations. Pack appropriately: if going to a malaria-prone area, for instance, bring insect repellent. Carry a little bag of medicines for different scenarios, because you never know!

Maybe avoid the particularly grimy looking street food…

When it comes to cuisine, things can be more complicated. You might want to experience the authentic culture of the place you’re visiting, but make sure you’re taking the right risks. Don’t be afraid to ask others; if you get talking with some locals or fellow tourists, they might give you some advice based on their experiences. Ultimately, use your best judgement… and maybe avoid the particularly grimy looking street food.

If you’re still feeling anxious, talk to any globetrotters you know. They might have some valuable words for you. Happy travels, and stay safe!

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